Part 55

“I’m going back to our place.” Tabby told the others, “Silver can take my controller.”
“And Jet can take mine.” Shadow said and followed Tabby. When they got back Shadow sat on the couch and put his foot up. Tabby headed for the bedroom. “Where are you going?” Shadow asked.
“I’m gonna see what Blaze wrote.” He replied and continued into the room. He flopped down on the bed and unfolded the piece of paper. He read the words that Blaze had written.
“Tabby, I haven’t seen you in a long time and may not see you. I miss you. I constantly despair in this dark dungeon. Many times I have wondered if I will ever see daylight again. Sometimes I think it would be better to die than endure this torture. I have thought about doing it, but each time I do I think of you and Silver. The thought of you is what keeps me alive. I’m scared. The thought may not be enough much longer. Help me! Please! I can’t take this. Blaze.” Tabby re-read the note then ran into the living room.
“Shadow, what did your note say?!” Shadow looked surprised.
“Blaze said she was fine and so was Cream and that she hoped she would be rescued soon. Why?”
“She is all but fine! She’s considering suicide!”
“What?!” Just then Silver burst in.
“Tabby! Did you read your note?!”
“Yeah. I figure yours said it too. We need to get her out.”
“And fast! Before she kills herself!” Silver pulled out the ransom he got for Blaze. “It says tomorrow night at the forest clearing… my Chaos Emerald for Blaze… this may sound crazy to you, but I’m gonna do it.”
“What?! Silver, you can’t give him an Emerald!” Shadow cried.
“I have no choice! If I don’t Scourge will kill her or she’ll kill herself. I have to.”
“Then I’m going with you.” Tabby spoke up.
“Hold on! You cannot give him the Emerald! It goes against everything you are as a protector!”
“Well I’m not going to let Blaze die and you can’t stop me from going!”
“You can’t even try to stop me! Not with you injury!”
“You forget that I can use Chaos Spear.” Then there was a knock on the door.
“Silver! You here?” Sonic came in, “Why’d you leave? We were gonna play!” Shadow spoke.
“Sonic! Thank goodness! Silver is gonna give Scourge the Emerald!”
“What! You can’t do that!”
“I have to!”
“No! Absolutely not!”
“Sonic,” Shadow continued, “there’s another thing. Blaze is suicidal!”
“Say what?! Can you repeat that?”
“Blaze is suicidal.” Sonic turned pale.
“S- suicidal?! We need to get her out!”
“But we can’t let him get the Emerald!”
“I agree, but what else can we do?!” All were quiet.
“We could give him a fake one.” Tabby suggested.
“I’m not sure that will work again, plus Tails can’t make them in time.”
“Then… it seems we only have one option.” Sonic sighed, “If we want the girls, we’ll need to do the unthinkable.”
“We have to hand over the Emeralds.”