Part 54

Scourge then led Silver through many halls, taking a few extra turns to confuse him, and outside. Scourge took him to a clearing away from the exit, spun him around a few times so that he’d lose his sense of direction, and faced him towards Knothole. “Go straight.” He said and ran off.
Silver removed the blind fold and looked around at his surroundings. Scourge was nowhere to be seen. Silver looked ahead then ran. He had to get to Knothole headquarters. He kept running for a long time. Eventually he needed a rest. He perched himself on a rock and looked at the forest ahead of him.
“How far am I?! I wonder if Blaze is OK” After he had caught his breath he started out into the trees. He didn’t get far when he was stopped by to boys.
Meanwhile, in Knothole, most were confused as to why Silver had been kidnapped.
“I don’t get it! Why did they take Silver?” Sonic wondered.
“I don’t know, but it’s my fault. I should have went after him again.”
“It’s not your fault, Tabby.”
“Yes it is.”
“Shadow is right. Quit beating yourself up.”
“Guys! Stay focused!” Sonic cried, “Or you’ll all be out instantly!” They were playing video games again.
“Anyway,” Shadow said as he threw Tabby of an edge, “do you think that maybe they kidnapped him instead of another girl?”
“That kind of seems out of pattern.” Tabby jumped back up and hit Shadow. They kept playing and talking. About ten minutes later Tails burst into the room.
“Silver’s back!”
“What?!” Tabby exclaimed and dropped his controller. He ran outside and the others followed. There was Silver talking to two birds.
“Silver?! Jet?!”
“S- Sonic! I need your help!” The green bird cried and ran over to him, “Wave has gone missing!”
“We looked everywhere! We were searching for her when we ran into Silver.” Storm explained.
“I told them about all the kidnapping here and then I showed them to Knothole”
“Silver, how did you escape?”
“I didn’t. He let me go.”
“What?” Silver reached into his boot and pulled out some notes.
“These are the ransoms. There’s one for you, Sonic, Jet, Ant, Tails, Manic, Shadow, and myself.” He passed them out. The notes were opened and, sure enough, they demanded the Chaos Emeralds for the girls. There was also a threat.
“If anything funny is tried the girls will be killed.”
“He’s bluffing, right?” Tabby asked. Silver shook his head.
“No. I don’t think so. Oh! I have special news for Tabby, Tails, and Vanilla.”
“Special news?”
“Yep. Scourge chained me in a stone cell. Chained next to me were Cream and Blaze.”
“They’re fine, except Blaze looked extremely under fed. She knew I would have to carry the ransom notes and asked me to deliver these too.” He pulled out the other messages and passed them to everyone. Some read their notes immediately while others decided to wait. Sonic read his then glanced at Silver. He could see instantly that he needed a rest.
“Thanks, Silver. Come inside and relax. We’ll decide later what to do.”
“Thanks Sonic. I’m exhausted!” Silver exclaimed as he realized how tired he was from running.