Part 53

Really Silver wasn’t fine. Fiona had spotted him and managed to knock him out. Now he was being drug to the Base by Fiona. When he awakened, hours later, he was in a stone cell. He sat up. He realized that he had been chained.
“How do you feel?” Someone beside him asked.
“I’m OK-” He turned wildly, “Blaze?!” He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. “It’s OK, Silver.”
“You’re safe. I was so worried!” He hugged her and didn’t ever want to let go for fear of losing her. He kissed her on the cheek.
“Silver, uh, we’re not the only ones in the room.”
“What?” Reluctantly he let go and saw Cream. “Oh! Cream, you’re OK too!” She nodded. Both the girls were chained.
“So, mind answering some questions?”
“Sure, Silver.”
“Where are we?”
“In a stone cavern dungeon.”
“OK. How long was I out?”
“About three days.”
“Three days?!”
“Fiona kept gassing you. I think they captured their last victim and are going to send you with the ransom notes.”
“I won’t leave you here!”
“Silver… I don’t think you’re going to have a choice… can you answer my question?”
“Of course!”
“One, who all was kidnapped?” He told her, “Two, will you deliver these?” She held out some folded pieces of paper with names on them.
“I’ll make sure they arrive.” He stuck them into the cuff of his boot so Scourge wouldn’t find them, “Anything else, my princess?” Blaze glanced at Cream, who had gone back to her drawing. She leaned in close and whispered to him.
“Kiss me.” He smiled and did. They were interrupted by Scourge.
“Hey love birds, it’s time for Silver to go!” Scourge unlocked the chains on Silver and pulled him out of the cell. Blaze blew a tearful kiss to Silver. The door was shut and Scourge turned to Silver. “Now, you are going to go back to your ‘secret’ village and deliver these ransom notes.”
“Why should I? I can take you out right now.”
“If you try that all I have to do is call to Fiona and she’ll hit a button that will fill that room with poisonous gas and kill both of them.”
“What?! Grrr.”
“So your choice.” Scourge held out the notes, “Which will it be?” Silver took the papers from his hand and slipped them into his other boot.
“Show me the way out and point me in the right direction. I’ll get there as fast as I can.”
“Good.” Scourge whipped out a cloth and blindfolded Silver.
“We can’t have you see any more of our hide out.”