Part 52

He ran through the trees. He heard voices and went towards them. Suddenly he couldn’t move.
“Shhh!” He looked up. Silver was up in a tree, using his powers to make Tabby stop. Silver lifted Tabby up into the tree beside him.
“Silver?! What are you doing?” Tabby whispered. In reply Silver pointed to something. Tabby looked and saw Scourge, Fiona, and Amy. Amy was struggling to get away.
“Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!!!”
“Hurry!” Scourge snapped. Fiona then pulled out some sort of cloth and held it over Amy’s mouth and nose.
“Stop! Stop. Stop… ugh.” Amy slipped into unconsciousness.
“Finally, she’s out!” Scourge exclaimed and let go of Amy.
“She was the hardest one yet!”
“Only one more!”
“How hard do you think it will be to get her?”
“It depends on how we do it. We can figure that out at the Base. Let’s go before she comes around.”
“Are we talking her to the Base or to a stone prison?” Scourge thought.
“Let’s take her to the Base, I’m starving.” Fiona nodded and they stood. Scourge picked up Amy and they were off again.
“Silver! We need to hurry! Come- Woah!”
“What’s wrong?”
“Oh nothing, just the fact that you put a cat in a tree.”
“Hah!” Silver used his powers and got Tabby down then started down himself.
“What’s this?” Tabby asked and picked up a string that was laying on the ground.
“Tabby no!”
“Woah!!!” A net came up around Tabby and hung him from a tree, “Hey! Get me down!”
“Tabby!” Silver cried, “Now we’re never gonna catch them!”
“I can see them from up here! Go after them! I’ll find my own way down!” Silver didn’t have to be told twice. He left and Tabby struggled with the net. After a while Tabby managed to free himself. “Good thing that net wasn’t shock proof.” He thought, “Now what? Should I go back or go after Silver?” He decided to head back and find Sonic. “Silver is smart-ish. He should be fine. I’ll get reinforcements.”