Part 51

The next morning they all made their way to the forest.
“Ok!” Tabby said when they all had gathered, “Keep an eye out for the girls, but our main goal is to locate hidden bunkers like the one in the cave! If you happen to find one mark the location on the map!” The search started. It went on all day. At the end of the day six more were found and marked.
“This is great!” Sonic exclaimed, “We found six in one day!”
“Yeah, but there are probably more. There has to be more! None were big enough to be the base and none had people.”
“Knuckles is right.” Tabby agreed, “We still have more to find.”
“Sp- speaking of find, where are Amy and Manic?” Silver asked. They looked around and saw that they were gone.
“Oh no.” Sonic groaned.
“I knew we shouldn’t have let her in the search!” Tabby cried. They dashed out of the house and into the woods. Then the race against time began.
Manic and Amy were running from Scourge and Fiona. They could here the others calling them and hoped that someone would find them. Their pursuers were getting close and Manic and Amy were getting tired. It was just a matter of minutes before they would be caught.
“Hang on, Ames! Sonic and the others will find us!” They kept running, but it was futile. Time was running out and they wouldn’t stand a chance. Amy had been saving her breath, but now decided to call out.
“Shadow, Sonic, Silver, help!!!!!!!!!” She screamed.
“This way!” They heard Sonic call. It was too late. Scourge was there and so was Fiona. Amy pulled out her hammer, but dropped it when Scourge grabbed her.
“Let go!” Scourge took off. Fiona grabbed the hammer and whacked Manic on the head.
“Ungh! Amy…” Silver ran after the two and Sonic stopped to help his unconscious brother.
“Manic!” Manic groaned. Sonic picked him up and slung him over his shoulder. Then he grabbed Amy’s hammer, which Fiona had dropped, and started back. “Silver will catch up.” Sonic thought, “She should have stayed behind. Now, Amy is lost too. Where are they all?!” He met up with Tabby in the woods.
“Fiona hit him with the hammer.” Sonic said and handed him the weapon.
“You can carry Manic all by yourself?”
“It’s not easy, but yeah, I can.” He said as he re-positioned his brother.
“Where is Silver?”
“He went after them, but I don’t think he can catch them. I could have, though.”
“Why didn’t you chase them?” Sonic motioned to Manic.
“He’s my bro. I had to take care of him and I didn’t think of it. When I saw Silver chase them I focused on my bro.”
“I see… I’m going back. Silver may need help.”
“Are you taking the hammer?”
“Uhh…” Sonic took it again and Tabby was off.