Part 50

Back in knothole, Scourge had appeared and Amy was his goal. He had her over his shoulder and neared the gate. Tabby and Manic were hot on his trail. Tabby shot out some electricity that missed. Manic tried with his medallion, but that only made him fall behind.
“Grrr! Manic! Tabby! If you can’t save me I’ll save myself!” She pulled out her hammer and swung it so that it hit his feet and made Scourge fall over. She fell too and hit the ground. She looked up. Manic and Tabby were coming.
Scourge, knowing that he was overwhelmed, turned and bolted. He reached the gate where Fiona was with extreme gear. They took off. Tabby and Manic stopped where Amy was. They knew it was impossible to catch them.
“Are you all right?” Manic asked and helped her to her feet.
“A bit shaken, but safe. No thanks to you two!”
“Sorry! We tried, but they had a head start!” Tabby cried.
“Shadow was right. They went after you. We’d better be more careful, I don’t think that they’re done trying.” They turned and went home. It had become late and they needed some rest. Rouge was staying the night at Amy’s house, just in case Scourge attacked again. They said goodnight and parted.