Part 49

Meanwhile, somewhere under the forest, Blaze was thinking the same of Silver.
“Help me!” She thought, “I miss you Silvy!” Blaze hugged her knees and looked around her stone prison. She had been relocated to a fireproof cell. Her wrists and ankles were still chained. She didn’t know what had become of the others. Suddenly, the lock clicked and the door swung open. Scourge stood there. He held a bunny’s wrist firmly. “Cream!” Blaze cried.
“She wouldn’t shut up until I let her see you.” Scourge said, looking very annoyed, “so she’s your new roommate.” He drug her into the cell, chained her, then left, locking in the door as he went. When he was gone Cream threw her arms around Blaze.
“Blaze! I missed you!”
“I missed you too!” She hugged her back and, for the first time in weeks, smiled and felt happiness, “What are you doing here?!”
“I was captured yesterday. Oh! By the way, Merry Christmas, Blaze!”
“Christmas?! Is it really Christmas? I’ve been here so long I lost track of the days!”
“Yesterday was Christmas! I… I don’t have much, but here!” Cream pulled out of her pocket a bar of chocolate that she managed to keep hidden.
“I- is that… real chocolate?!”
“Yep! It’s for you!”
“Yeah!” Blaze took it and unwrapped it carefully. She broke a piece off and stuck it in her mouth. It was wonderful. Chocolate had never tasted so good.
“Cream, this is the best gift you could ever give me! Thank you!” Blaze said and ate some more.
“Look!” Cream smiled and reached into her pocket again. This time she pulled out some other types of candy her mom had given her, “I have a bunch!” Blaze stared.
“How did you get this past Scourge?!”
“He didn’t search me! He didn’t even think about it! I have some crayons too!” Blaze smiled again.
“Merry Christmas, Cream!” She hugged the bunny once more. Then asked about all that she had missed. So Cream told her. She told all she knew and could remember. “How is Silver?”
“He’s been sad lately. He tries to hide it when he’s around a bunch of people, but I can tell.” Blaze nodded.
“What about Shadow? How’s his leg?”
“Still broken! He gets the cast off in a few weeks.”
“How many? Do you know?”
“Not exactly… four, five weeks something like that… we saw Tabby again.”
“Yeah! We were gonna surprise you. He came for Christmas. He was really upset when he heard you were taken.”
“Tabby came for Christmas… and I didn’t get to see him?” Tears swelled in Blaze’s eyes.
“Don’t cry! You’ll get to see him again!” Exclaimed Cream, “I have a question! Who do you want to save you? Tabby or Silver?”
“What?! You can’t make me chose! I want them both to save me!”
“Hee hee! I knew you would say that!”
“Hmm. Who do you want to save you? Shadow?” Cream shook her head.
“I want Tails to save me!”
“I didn’t know you liked him! When did that happen?!”
“Umm… Halloween.”
“Ohhhh! Did you see any of the other girls that were captured?”
“One. Sonia.”
“Sonia?! When was Sonia captured?”
“A couple of weeks ago. She had been gear riding with Manic in the forest.”
“I see. Did you talk to her?”
“A little. She doesn’t have her medallion.”
“Why not?”
“She left it so Scourge didn’t get it.”
“Everything just seems to get darker by the moment.” They were silent a moment.
“Ummm… Will you tell me a story?”
“A story? That’s a good idea. It will help us take our minds off things. What kind of story do you want?”
“Will you tell me the story of Sir Spark again?”
“Sir Spark?” Blaze smiled as she remembered the tale. She had made it up during the adventure with Tabby. It was everything that happened set to the time of knights and princess. “Ok, Cream.”
“Thank you!” Cream snuggled up next to Blaze and waited.
“Once upon a time, there was a handsome knight.” As Blaze was telling the story the handsome knight was worried.