Part 48

“Manic Hedgehog!” Amy cried, “Are you saying that you would rather play video games than spend time with me?!”
“What? No! I didn’t-”
“You’d better watch what you say around your girlfriend, dude!” Tabby smiled, “I learned that the hard way!”
“You should listen to Tabi- ow!” Tabby slapped Shadow before he could finish.
“Don’t.” Tabby hissed and glared at the black hedgehog.
“I wasn’t really-”
“Please stop.” The cat groaned, “Anyway, I think Manic was saying that he wanted to play the game with Sonic AND you, Amy.”
“You want to play with me?!”
“Uh. If Sonic will let us.”
“Sure, you can play. We’re done though.” The four left, leaving Amy and Manic to play. “Why did you stop Shades by the way?” Sonic asked.
“Please, forget it.”
“Yeah! Why did you hit him and interrupt him and glare at him?”
“I said stop!”
“I was gonna say his- ow! Tabby!”
“Don’t or I will hurt you!” Tabby set his hands to sparking with electricity.
“Fine! Just drop it guys.” Silver and Sonic nodded, but Tabby didn’t make the lightning stop.
“And don’t tell them later! I swear, if I find out that you said anything you’re dead!”
“Good luck! You seem to forget that I’m immortal!” Tabby glared at him, “Don’t worry! I’m not gonna say anything! Now quit sparking!” Tabby stopped and fell silent. Silver and Sonic glanced at each other then shrugged their shoulders. They walked to a soda shop and got something to drink. They talked about the battles they had played then the topic turned to the missing girls.
“Does Blaze like to play video games?” Tabby asked.
“I don’t know.” Silver answered and took another drink of soda.
“I wish she were here.”
“Me too.” Silver agreed. They talked more and were determined to find the girls.