Part 47

They kept battling. They smashed for a couple of hours.
“We’d better make this our last fight.” Shadow said, “We’ve been here a while.”
“Your right.” Tabby agreed, “I have a headache.”
“Well, then pick your best character, set your stock to five, and, Tabby, it’s your turn to pick a stage.” Tabby tapped the pad screen. He chose a temple ruins stage.
“Go!!!” The game said and the fight began. Everyone fought hard.
“Ha ha!” After a few moments the game spoke.
“Player 3, defeated!”
“What?!” Tabby cried.
“To bad, Tabs!” Shadow smirked. Then someone knocked on the door. Tabby opened it.
“Hi boys!” Amy grinned.
“Hey what are you doing here? Where’s your body guard?”
“He’s in the bathroom. I heard people yelling in here and thought I’d see why.”
“What the heck, Silver?! Stop hitting me! Hit Shadow for a change!”
“Ha ha ha!”
“Hyah!” Shadow used a drop kick on Silver, who lost a life, “Now we all have one!”
“So that’s why you’re yelling!”
“Yep.” Shadow continued beating up the others.
“Smash Ball!!!!” Silver cried. Shadow hit it and it flew across the stage. Sonic missed and Silver hit it dead on. He got the glowing ball and used it. A huge beam came down and blasted Sonic and Shadow. They went flying and died at the exact same moment. “Yeah! I won, baby!!” Silver shouted.
“What?!” Sonic gasped.
“How on Mobius?!” Shadow dropped his remote.
“Dang! I wanted Shadow to win!” Tabby moaned.
“Well he didn’t! I did!!!” Manic came in the room. When he saw the game he gasped.
“Bro! You played it without me?! Dude come on! You even had the others play and not me?!”
“Sorry, Manic,” Sonic grinned, “but you had a date and I needed someone to beat up! Tabby hadn’t even held a control before this! That was something we had to fix!”
“So you played the new game without me?!”