Part 46

“Now, I guess we’re done. Manic is Amy’s body guard and emerald protector. And Tabby you’re also an emerald protector.” Sonic said. The others nodded.
“Before everyone leaves,” Shadow said, “let’s decide when the next search is to be made.” They settled on tomorrow then most left. Sonic held Silver back for a moment.
“Hey guys! I was wanting to see if you three wanted to come to my place.” Sonic invited.
“Your house?”
“Yep! I got a new console and game!”
“Ohhhh,” Shadow grinned, “and you wanted us to come beat you at it.”
“Very funny! But, really, want to play?”
“Sure!” Silver cried.
“Whatever.” Shadow consented.
“What about you Tabs?”
“Well… actually we don’t have game systems at my place. With the Geos we were always to poor to get one.” The hedgehogs glanced at each other.
“You’ve never played a video game?” Sonic asked.
“We have a problem.” Silver said.
“Shades grab your crutches! We gotta get to my house and teach Tabby to smash it up!”
“Let’s go!” The four made their way to Sonic’s house. He led them into a room with a couch and a t.v. On the walls were shelves holding a variety of games. Next to the t.v. were boxes of systems. Hooked to the t.v. was a brand new, black console.
“Welcome to my game room!”
“What the heck, Sonic!” Shadow cried, “What did you do? Raid the local electronics store?!”
“Most of the games are used. A couple of consoles are used, but most I got new.”
“I- I’ve never seen so many games in one place!” Tabby exclaimed.
“I got some on earth. Like this one!” He pointed to an old system.
“When did you get this one?” Silver motioned to the new, black one.
“This morning! I had just finished hooking it up when Tails knocked on my door. I haven’t even played it yet!”
“Well let’s play it now!” Tabby said and picked up the cordless game pad controller. It was black and had a screen on it. Sonic set up the game and showed them the controls.
“It’s just like the last one, only the game pad has different controls.” They started a round that was mostly them learning, not fighting. The next round though was intense. Tabby did well, even though he had never even held a gaming remote before. After a few more levels things got crazy. “Hey! Silver! Quit… kicking… me!” Sonic cried.
“What?! No!”
“Tabby! Let’s get these two out then have an epic fight!”
“Let’s do it, Shades!”