Part 45

Silver, Knuckle and Espio were next to arrive. Then Antoine. Finally Manic and Amy.
“So what’s up dude?” Manic asked when they had all sat down at the table with their food.
“Yeah!” Sonic took another bite of chili-dog, “I can tell this is more than a friendly get together!”
“Tails has a good idea that you should all hear.” Tabby explained. Then Tails began to tell his theory.
“And that’s it!” The fox finished.
“Wow! That’s good!” Exclaimed Amy.
“Also,” Shadow added, “we don’t think you’re safe, Amy.”
“Scourge may go after you.”
“I can handle him!” She pulled out her hammer.
“Gah! P- put it away girl!” Manic gasped. She lowered the weapon and Shadow continued.
“I know you might be able to take him, but not him and Fiona together.”
“What you’re saying is I need a body guard.”
“Well… not exactly, but that’s a good idea.”
“I volunteer!” Manic cried instantly.
“Of course you do.” Shadow frowned, “Manic we have another job for you.”
“We think you should take Amy’s place as emerald protector until Scourge is captured.” Tails said, “If Amy is kidnapped, which hopefully won’t happen, she can’t have the emerald on her. We thought Tabby or you, Manic, should guard it. The vote was Manic.” Tails explained.
“I think they both should guard one!” Sonic told them.
“Manic, you take Amy’s and, Tabby, you take Blaze’s.”
“I didn’t think about that.” Shadow looked at Tails, “We need somebody to watch the purple one.”
“Yeah! We do.”
“Wait! Wait!” Tabby cried, “I don’t think I should!”
“Why not?” Manic asked.
“I’m not from this world, I have my own jewel, I know squat on how to use their power, and I just don’t think I can protect it! I can hardly protect myself!”
“I still think you should take it.” Tails told him.
“All in favor of Tabby taking Blaze’s place raise your hand!” Called Sonic. The vote was unanimous except for two people. Tabby and Antoine didn’t raise their hands.
“It’s decided!” Tails passed the emerald to Tabby, “You are the new protector!”
“What?! But! You can’t just do that!”
“To late we already did.” Sonic grinned. Tabby groaned.
“Fine! I’ll do my best, but if I fail it’s your fault!” Tabby put the emerald, which had a cord tied to it, around his neck. Amy then handed her emerald to Manic and he did the same as Tabby. “So now what?” Tabby asked.