Part 44

“We’d better be on guard.” frowned Shadow, “There are seven emeralds and only five kidnapped girls. Scourge may go for two more.”
“Who do you think he’d go for?”
“Amy, at least. I don’t know who the other would be.”
“Remember guys, this is just a theory. I don’t know for a fact that this is Scourge’s plan.”
“Well, it’s a sound theory.”
“Tabby is right. Your theory is a good one and it makes sense. We should warn Amy.”
“Do you think… Amy also has an emerald. Do you think we should let someone else protect it?” Shadow asked.
“Who would we give it to?”
“I was thinking Manic or Tabby.”
“I could take it,” Tabby said, “and I would, but I already have a jewel.” He pointed to the one on his chest.
“I know. Still, you or Manic would be fine.”
“I vote Manic. I’m not even from this world. I don’t think I should take your gems.”
“Tell that to Blaze.”
“I think Manic can.” Tails smiled.
“OK! Manic it is! First we should get the group together and let them hear your theory.”
“Tails, why don’t you tell the emerald protectors, Knuckles, Manic, and… I guess we should include Ant, to meet here at noon.” Shadow said.
“OK! I can go now.”
“Alright, later Tails!”
“Bye Tails!”
“Later!” Tails left to get the group.
“Now what?” Tabby asked.
“Now we get ready. It’s ten. Let’s get ourselves ready then make some soup to have when they come.”
“OK” They set to work. At noon they had a pot of chili, and some hot dogs, ready and the others at the door.
“Hey Shades! Woah ho ho! Is the old nose playing tricks or do I smell a chili-dog?!” Sonic grinned.
“I knew you were gonna say that.” Shadow smiled, “In the kitchen, but wait until everyone iss- aaaannnd he’s gone.”