Part 43

“Tails?! What brings you here so early?”
“Hey Tabby! I was up all night and got some idea as to why Scourge is kidnapping the girls!”
“Come inside Tails and have breakfast. Then you can explain.” They went in the kitchen where Shadow was making toast and coffee.
“Hey Tails.”
“Hi Shades.”
“Hungry?” Tails nodded and Shadow handed him a plate of toast. They all ate happily. Afterwards Tabby cleared the dishes then they all sat at the table to hear Tails’ theory.
“So I couldn’t sleep last night,” Tails began, “and just sat thinking about the girls and Scourge and everything. Then I realized that all the kidnapped girls have something in common except for one.”
“And what’s that?” Shadow asked.
“Someone they love.” The other two looked at each other surprised. Tails went on, “Blaze has you and Silver, though Scourge didn’t know you were coming, Tabby. Sally has Sonic. Bunny has Antoine and Cream has… me. The only one I don’t know about is Sonia.”
“Sonia?” Shadow gasped then face palmed.
“What is it Shadow?” Tabby questioned.
“Tails do you think Scourge has been spying on us?” Tails nodded.
“OK, don’t tell anyone, but on Halloween Sonia said she had a crush on me.”
“What?!” Exclaimed Tails. “You’re kidding, right?!” Shadow shook his head.
“I know Sonia was serious and I’m not joking. Scourge had someone spy on us.”
“So side question!” Tabby grinned, “Do you like Sonia?”
“What?! I- I don’t know!”
“What about Amy?”
“Hey! Uhh!”
“Tabby, would you leave him alone!” Tails cried in exasperation, “Anyway, I do think he or Fiona spied on us.”
“So why would he kidnap them?”
“I think he wants something that we have and he’s gonna use them to get it.”
“But what would he want?” Tabby wondered.
“Power.” Tails said and pulled out his Chaos Emerald.
“He wants the emeralds!” Tabby gasped and Tails nodded.
“If he wants the emeralds,” Shadow mused, “then doesn’t he already have one? I mean, Blaze was keeping one to protect. Wouldn’t Scourge have it now?”
“Actually no. I thought of that too and went to her house. Look what I found under her pillow.” Tails held up a purple gem, “She didn’t have it with her when she was kidnapped.”
“Good. At least Scourge doesn’t have it.” Tabby said and the others nodded.
“I think,” continued Tails, “that Scourge will send ransoms to us. The girls for the emeralds.”