Part 42

“Where have you been!?” Knuckles cried.
“Where is my daughter?” Nilla asked. Tails stepped forward.
“She was captured in an attempt to shadow Scourge. I blew her cover and he got her… I’m sorry!” Vanilla stumbled and eased herself onto the couch.
“My girl…” Tabby decided to tell them what they found. He showed the book and read the pages to them. He explained their plan to search for more.
“We’re one step closer to finding them. And I’ve decided that I’m gonna hang out in Knothole until their found.” Vanilla and the others were amazed by the find and glad to have Tabby.
“Why don’t you live with me? There’s an extra bed and plenty of room.”
“Thanks Shades!”
“Amy, would you stay here tonight?” Vanilla asked, “I feel like I could faint and don’t want to be alone.”
“Of course I’ll stay!”
“Thank you.” The others left so that Vanilla could rest. The portal to Nimbo was about to close so Tabby hurried and got some things from his home. He barely made it out before it disappeared. Then everyone went back to Knothole. Silver used his powers to carry Shadow, Tails had the crutches, and Tabby held the gifts. Most had ridden gear, but these four walked. They walked without conversation.
It was late when they reached Knothole. The four first went to Shadow’s home and then Tails and Silver departed to theirs.
“This isn’t how I pictured my Christmas in Mobius.” Tabby sighed.
“Not how any of us pictured it Tabs.” Shadow replied.
“Yeah… I’m going to bed.”
“K.” Tabby went into the bedroom and climbed into bed. Shadow sat on their couch. He picked up his book and began to read. He read all night. In the morning Tabby came into the living room. Shadow had just finished the book and was setting it down.
“Did you read the entire night?”
“You didn’t fall asleep on the couch?”
“Aren’t you tired?”
“I was created not born. I don’t need to eat or sleep. I just choose to. Speaking of which lets get some breakfast.” Shadow grabbed his crutches and hobbled into the kitchen. Tabby followed.
“So you really don’t have to eat?”
“No I don’t. But I don’t think I could live without my coffee.” Shads got the container. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. “Who on Mobius is that?” Wondered Shadow. Tabby shrugged and went to see.