Part 41

“T- Tails! Is that true?”
“Sonic… yes. I love Cream! Cream and I are a thing. She’s my girlfriend.” Sonic was shocked.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Because I know that you disapprove, right?” Sonic was stuck, now. He did disapprove some, but he also knew this wouldn’t stop Tails. He thought about lying and saying he didn’t mind, but the way Tails looked at him made him say the truth.
“Right.” Tails began to cry again and Tabby and Shades comforted him. Silver grabbed Sonic with his telekinesis and pulled him out of the cabin. “Hey!”
“Come on blue!” When they were outside Silver drops Sonic.
“Silvy! Why’d you do that?”
“Why do you disapprove of Cream and Tails?”
“He’s way too young!”
“Tell that to you and Rosey the Rascal!”
“Hey! She was never my girlfriend!”
“Look! Whether you like it or not, Cream is Tails’ girl. Yes, he might be young, but he’s going through the same pain as all of us. Tabby and I lost Blaze. Antoine lost Bunny. And you lost Sally! Now, he’s lost Cream. Before that he lost Cosmo… He lost her for good. Only one of us hedgehogs truly understands that type of pain and that’s Shadow. Not the most friendly guy in the world. Now, he’s your brother. He’s going through a tough time and you just made it worse! You should be helping him, but you’re not! You always want to protect him and make him happy. Well, he just had his heart ripped into a million pieces and the best thing you could do is help him. Help him by comforting him, being there for him when he’s sad, and saving Cream!” Sonic just stared at Silver. He knew Silver was right. He should be helping Tails not making things worse.
“I… I’m not sure how to comfort him! He doesn’t tell me anything anymore.”
“Think about. You’re basically in his shoes. Both your girlfriend and you sister, who is also his sister, were taken. How would you like to be comforted?” Sonic thought.
“Thanks Silver. You’re right.” Tabby came outside.
“We should get back guys. Tails fell asleep, crying.” Sonic sighed.
“All right.” Silver went in and used his powers to carry Shadow, who was holding the sleeping fox. They made their way back to Cream’s. When they reached the house Amy came to meet them.
“Where have you been?! Where’s Cream?” She took Tails from Shadow. She could tell he had been crying. “What happened?”
“Slow down Amy. First, Cream is gone.” Amy gasped.
“You mean she was captured? How, do we tell Vanilla?!” The boys looked at each other, dumbfounded.
“How do we decide who tells her?” frowned Manic.
“Not me!” Shadow said quickly, “I have one broken leg and don’t need another!” While the others were deciding Tails woke.
“I’ll tell her.” The little fox offered, “It’s my fault she was captured. I asked her to go ride with me. I’ll tell Vanilla.”
“Are you sure Tails?” Shadow asked.
“Yeah.” He hopped out of Amy’s arms and they went inside. Some had gone home, but Espio, Knuckles, and Charmy were still there.