Part 40

When he woke up Sonic and Tabby were leaning over him.
“Hey buddy. You all right?” The blue hedgehog asked.
“Where am I?”
“In Shadow’s cabin.”
“Huh?” He looked around and saw that he was lying on a cot. He then remembered what had happened. “Where’s Cream?!” Sonic bit his lip. “And Scourge? And Fiona?” Tails looked desperately at his friends.
“I’m sorry Tails,” Tabby finally said, “but they’re gone.”
“They took her?” Both nodded. Tears swelled in Tails’ eyes. “N- no… no, no, no! I- I can’t lose her! I’ve already lost Cosmo! I can’t lose Cream too!” Then Tails broke down and wept. Sonic was a little surprised by Tails. He knew he would be upset, but not like that. Tabby, though, wasn’t surprised. He had guessed that there was more than friendship between these two. Tabby hugged the little fox.
“It’s OK, Tails. We’ll find her.” He held the Fox and comforted him as best as he was able. Suddenly they heard Shadow’s voice.
“Tails!” That was Silver, “Cream! Sonic! Where are you?” Sonic went outside.
“We’re in here.” Silver was using his powers to carry Shades. Manic was also with them.
“Bro! Where have you been?”
“Are Cream and Tails with you?” Shadow asked.
“Come inside and we’ll explain everything.” They stopped short when they saw Tails.
“What’s the matter Tails?” Shadow asked as Silver sat him on the bed, “Where’s Cream?”
“She’s with… Scourge!” Sobbed Tails.
“Oh no!” gasped Shadow, “Tails, I… We’ll get her back.”
“Along with the rest of them!” Silver added. Tails now went to Shadow for comfort.
“Don’t worry Tails. I know how you feel.”
“I don’t want the same thing that happened to Cosmo to happen to Cream! I can’t lose her!”
“You won’t Tails! We’ll save her. It may take time, but we will!” Tabby held up the little book, “We found this in a hidden bunker in the cave. It was Sally’s.”
“What?!” the others cried.
“It brings us one step closer to finding all of our girlfriends!”
“Wait!” cried Sonic, “Tails doesn’t have a girlfriend! He’s way too young.” Shadow glared at the blue hedgehog.
“How blind are you?! Cream is Tails’ girlfriend!”
“Yeah! It’s obvious from the way they look at each other! Tails loves Cream and Cream loves Tails!” Tabby exclaimed.