Part 29

“Tails! Yo, buddy!” It was Sonic, the last person Tails wanted to see,”Yo can I ride with you to the field?”
“I guess so, but when I get there I’ll have another passenger. I promised to let her ride with me.” Inwardly Tails was disappointed. He had hoped to get there early so that he could see Cream alone.
“Thanks! Let me put me board in the back!”
“The left compartment is full!”
“Oh thanks!” It wasn’t really full. Tails just didn’t want Sonic to see what was in there. Soon they were off. Tails tried to ignore the fact that Sonic was in the back seat, but that soon became impossible. “Yo, Tails!”
“Yes, Sonic.” He replied simply.
“Uhh. Are you upset with me about something?”
“Huh? No.”
“Oh. Well is there something wrong? From the way you talked last night I thought-”
“I’m fine, OK!”
“Oh… uh, OK” Sonic quit talking, “What could be wrong?” He thought.
“Why won’t he leave me alone?” Tails wondered silently. Soon they reached the field in front of Cream’s house. Cream and her mother met them outside.
“Come on in! Most of the others are inside eating breakfast.” They went in and were met by a group of friendly faces.
“Hi Sonic!”
“Hey knucklehead!”
“I sent word to the Chaotixs. They’re keeping an eye out for any sign of Scourge while they protect Angel Island.”
“Nice!” He sat down between Knuckles and Silver then took a slice of the sweet bread that Vanilla had made. Tails took a seat next to Cream. He whispered something to her then ate his bread. Someone else knocked on the door. It was Bunny, Antoine, and Shadow. Shadow was in his wheelchair. Bunny pushed him over to the table next to Amy. Soon Chuck arrived, followed by Rouge, then Manic and Sonia.
They all sat and ate. Sonia was the last to find a seat and the only one open was next to Shadow.
“Great!” Shadow thought, “Stuck between two mini bombs!” Everybody talked cheerfully.
“Shadow,” Amy began, “how are you going to join this search? You can’t ride extreme gear injured.”
“I figured I would probably stay here and wait for you guys to get back, but,” He explained, “I saw your plane outside, Tails, and I was wondering if I could ride with you.” Tails looked at Cream. He had planned to take Cream. Tails thought a moment then got an idea.
“Well… I planned to take Cream on the plane, but,” he looked at Vanilla, “if you’ll allow it, we can take the extreme gear and Sonic can drive the plane.” Sonic was surprised that Tails would even suggest this.
“Well… actually today she is not allowed to ride. But maybe, if she behaves, she will be able to in the future. Today, though, she is going to help me with some chores.”