Part 28

Tails took one last look at the hearts in the sky before he rode off. When Tails reached his house and had put his ride away he started to go inside. He didn’t get far because Sonic ran into his path.
“Oh hey! What’s up Sonic?” Tails tried to act casual but was nervous. He knew that Sonic was mad.
“What’s up? You know what’s up. I can’t believe the way you acted!”
“Hmph! Well I don’t take it back. Cream was right and you know it!”
“I don’t care if she was right. You encouraged her to disobey her mother.”
“I don’t care what you think I did! I’m on Cream’s side. Not yours!” This came as a shock to Sonic. He and Tails never disagreed on something important.
“As your older brother I have to make sure you don’t do it again.”
“You know, technically we’re not brothers.” The Fox mumbled. Sonic gasped.
“Wh- What did you say?”
“I said we’re not brothers!” Tails yelled at him. Tears swelled up Sonic’s eyes. Slowly the blue hedgehog backed away. Then he sped off to his home. Tails watched Sonic leave then realized what he had done. Sadly he went inside his house.
Meanwhile Sonic ran to his place, crying the whole way there. When he was inside he flopped on the couch and wept.
“What is wrong with Tails?! What have I done to make him act that way?” Suddenly there was a knock, “Go away!” He cried. But instead of leaving the visitor opened the unlocked door. “Amy!”
“You passed me just a moment ago.” She told him, “I thought I should see what was wrong.” Sonic was silent. “What’s wrong? What happened?”
“I… I don’t know!” He then explained what had happened with Tails. Amy was surprised by Tails’ actions. “And I don’t know what I did to make him feel like that!”
“I don’t know either… I’m not sure you did anything” she mused. Sonic was still in tears.
“What do you mean?”
“Maybe Tails is going through something that you don’t know of.”
“You mean he’s got a problem and needs help working through it?” Amy nodded, “But what kind of problem would make him say stuff like that to me?!” Sonic was truly confused.
He and Tails had been close ever since they had met, years ago. Tails had been neglected by everyone else that saw his talent for building and made fun off because he had two tails and could fly. Sonic took him in, made him his friend, and even adopted him as his bro.
“Maybe he is having trouble dealing with Cosmo.”
“Cosmo?” Sonic thought about this, “You could be right!” Amy smiled. “Tomorrow I’ll go see Tails and try to help him with whatever it is!” Determined Sonic.
“Good. But be careful not to hurt his feelings or make things worse. I need to get back. Tell me how things go!”
“Will do!” She left and Sonic went to bed.
In the morning Tails grabbed two extreme gear boards from his garage then made his way to knothole’s hidden air strip. He went to the hanger. Inside was his plane. The tornado. Sonic had given it to him so that he would have something big to work on. Tails was going to fly it in the search today. He had someone help him move it on to the air strip then packed the extreme gear in the back compartment. He was about to get in the cockpit when he heard his name called.