Part 27

“Show them the heart!!!” She heard him and began the climb then arched and twisted. She did it again then repeated the whole process twice, making a total of three air stream hearts. Everyone on the ground watched, open mouthed. In a moment Cream flew through the center heart and switched gears back to the board. She came to a stop in front of them and jumped off the board.
Before anyone else could do anything, Tails flew over to her and embraced her.
“That was awesome Cream! You’re a master on extreme gear!”
“Hee hee! Thanks -”
“Tails!!!” Sonic growled, “You shouldn’t encourage her to do something she isn’t allowed to do.” Tails didn’t back down. Instead he high fived Cream. Sonic was furious. Vanilla was upset and slightly confused. Everyone else was silently amazed.
Vanilla looked at her daughter. She realized that Cream was not to blame fully for the crash and that she could ride extreme gear well, but she had just disobeyed her. Cream really deserved to be punished, but Vanilla didn’t know that she could, after hearing the truth.
“Cream… I don’t know what I’m going to do with you.”
“Mother…” She looked at her feet, “I know I shouldn’t have driven the extreme gear… I just wanted to impress Tails… I’m sorry.” Again Cream began to cry. Vanilla smiled and went over to the bunny. She knelt down and gave her a hug.
“I forgive you.” She whispered in her ear. Cream stopped crying and returned her mother’s hug.
“I love you mama.”
“I love you to Cream.” In a moment Vanilla stood and picked up her daughter, “You were a bad girl and you will have to go to bed now.”
“Say good night to everyone.” She wiggled free of her mother’s grasp. First she ran to Shadow, who was sitting in the wheelchair.
“Night Shades.”
“Night, Extreme Queen.” She grinned and began hugging the others. One by one she bid them goodnight. Finally she came to Tails. She hugged him and whispered something in his ear. She then went back to her mother, who whisked her off to bed.
The others waited for her to come back. When she returned everyone said goodbye. After what had just taken place they thought they’d best leave. Vanilla apologized for Cream.
“Don’t worry about it.” Shadow told her, “She just had a rare burst of anger. We all get that way sometimes.”
“I guess you’re right.” She bid them farewell and all returned to knothole.