Part 26

“I wonder where he took her.”
“Where who took who?” A little voice asked. They turned to see Cream who had just woke from a nap. She rubbed her eyes sleepily. “Where is Blaze? Didn’t you find her?” Shadow held his arms out to her and she came and sat with him.
“No, we didn’t find her.” Shadow told the little bunny, “In fact we lost someone else.”
“What?! Who did we lose?” Shadow hesitated before answering.
“Sally?! Where did she get lost?”
“Near a cave.” Amy said.
“A cave?” Shadow nodded, “We need to find her!”
“We will. But it’s to late now. Tomorrow we’ll need to get the extreme gear and search from above.” Sonic stated.
“Mama! I want to go too!” Everyone was surprised by this.
“Cream you can’t do that. Extreme Gear is to dangerous.”
“Nu-uhh!” Cream shook her head, “I rode it the night he took me home and we were fine!”
“But, you didn’t have the controls. Tails drove it.”
“Actually she drove it!” Tails chimed in. Suddenly Cream shot him a worried glance then look at her feet.
“You did what?!” Her mother cried, “You know you can’t do that!” Tears swelled in Cream’s eyes. Her mother didn’t like her driving Extreme Gear. “I told you that you couldn’t control one. Ever since you crashed Marine’s!” Tails stared at Cream. She hadn’t told him that she wasn’t allowed to control one. She hadn’t said that she crashed Marine’s. She told him that hers had broke. Actually she hadn’t told anyone anything.
“Cream…” Tails didn’t finish. He was disappointed. She never disobeyed her mom.
“Mom… I…” Tails saw Cream’s face grow angry, which was a rare sight. All in the room stared at the little girl. “Mom, I drove the air ride and I was really good at it! I didn’t crash! Do you even know why I crashed Marine’s?” Marine was a raccoon and a good friend of Cream and Amy. Cream didn’t wait for an answer. “It crashed because when it was time to change gears from Air Ride to board the gear locked. I had to make an emergency landing and hit a tree coming down! The gear locked because it was rusty and hadn’t been oiled. That was Marine’s job! It wasn’t my fault it crashed! It was Marine’s! I didn’t want her to get in trouble so I said it was my fault and gave her my air ride!”
Vanilla was shocked. Cream never spoke like this. All were taken aback by her outburst. Then Cream got an idea and made a sudden dash outside. The others followed her and saw her grab Tails’ extreme gear.
“Cream stop!” Her mother ordered.
“I want to prove to you that I can ride extreme gear!” She hopped on the board and went off.
“Come on Cream!” Tails thought, “I know you can do it!” He hoped that after Vanilla saw that Cream could ride that she would let her come with them.
“Gear Change!” Cream shouted. In a second Cream was high in the air. She did many twists and sharp turns, showing off her talent. Tails couldn’t hold back any longer. He flew in the air and shouted to her.