Part 25

“Silver, you seem to forget that this is Blaze we’re talking about.” Espio reminded him, “Blaze, the fierce, fire cat. Princess of the Sole Dimension. She can take care of herself.”
“Espio is right.” Sonic smiled in agreement, “Scourge is no match for Blaze!”
“I don’t know…”
“Cheer up. She’s probably on her way back now!” This comforted him a little, but Silver is still worried.,”We’ll make a search of the woods. But we should wait until tomorrow. She may come back tonight.” Silver nodded. “Come on Bud, we should get something to eat. Wanna come too, Shades?”
“Why not?”
“Wheelchair or crutches?”
“Crutches.” Sonic brought them over to him and they all went out to eat. Silver didn’t eat or talk very much.
The next day Blaze still had not returned. Everyone joined in a search of the woods. Even Shadow hobbled around looking for her. The search went on all day, but Blaze was not found. Everyone met a Cream’s house afterwards.
“I can’t believe we didn’t find her!” Sonia exclaimed.
“Where do you think she could be?”
“I don’t know Silver.” Sonic told him, “Sally said that she was going to get the Extreme Gear from the storage facility tomorrow and we’ll search from the sky. Hey where’d she go?” She wasn’t there, “Amy, I thought she went with you and Bunny.”
“She did. At one point we split up to look.” Bunny took up the story.
“She went to search a cave, Amy went over some bushes, and Ah climbed a tree to see if Ah could see Blaze.”
“We agreed to come back to Cream’s place when we finished. I just assumed she was here. The cave wasn’t huge… but I guess she could still be there.” Sonic suggested that some of them go see. He and Knuckles ran off. They were back in an hour.
“We searched the cave and the surrounding area, but didn’t find her.” All were worried.
“Two disappearances in two days. What are we going to do?” Exclaimed Vanilla.
“Yo, Unk!”
“Yes, Sonny.” Chuck was Sonic, Manic, and Sonia’s robotisized uncle.
“Do you think she was kidnapped by Scourge too?” Chuck thought a moment.
“I can’t be sure… but I think so.” Sonic had kept cool until he heard his uncle say this. He staggered and flopped down on a couch next to Silver. Sally was his girlfriend. Sonic was terrified.
Unlike Blaze, Sally had no powers. She could fight, but she wouldn’t be able to hold out long. Scourge could really hurt her. Amy tried to comfort him, but wasn’t very successful.
“Don’t worry. She is smart. She would never let herself get caught!”
“No she wouldn’t and she probably didn’t. I bet Scourge took her by surprise.” Sonic stated.
“You both have a point.” Chuck said. “She is smart and was most likely taken by surprise near the cave. The real question is where is she and Scourge now? They couldn’t have gotten very far with Sally trying to get away, but you said there was no trace of them.”