Part 24

He took off and flew back to knothole, watching for Scourge as he went, but he didn’t see the Hedgehog. When he reached knothole he spotted the underground and Sally. They had just returned from the mission. “Sonic!!!” He called from the air. Sonic looked up and smiled.
“Hey buddy! What’s up?”
“Cream and I just saw Scourge in the field!” Tails yelled.
“Scourge?!” Sonia exclaimed.
“Come on down and tell us all that happened.” Sally told him. Soon he was on the ground and explaining everything. Sally alerted the guards and told them to be on the look out for Scourge. Then they went their separate ways. Everyone kept an eye out for the green hedgehog. He was not seen and all assumed that he went back to the forest. Tails hoped that this was so and had trouble going to sleep.
The next day Shadow woke and, using the crutches, hobbled to the kitchen. He made some breakfast for himself then sat in the living room and ate. Blaze was coming at noon. When he was done he rinsed the dishes. Then he picked up a book that he had found in his room.
“I’ll give it a try.” He sat down on the couch and began to read. He soon became absorbed in the book. He didn’t realize how long he had been reading until the clock stroked twelve. “Wow! I didn’t realize liked to read!” He checked the chapter number. Eleven. He closed the book and set it aside. “Blaze should be here soon.” He waited for her, but she didn’t come. Then there was a knock at the door. It wasn’t Blaze, but Silver.
“Is Blaze here?” Shadow shook his head.
“Is something wrong?” He asked. They went in and sat down.
“I was going to meet her at her home and walk over here with her. When I got there she was gone. I thought maybe she forgot and came on over. I decided to see. I met Sonic on the way here and told him about Blaze. He hadn’t seen her. He thought it strange that she would forget something like that. Then he told me that Tails had spotted Scourge last night. Now, that I know she’s not here, I’m getting worried.”
“You think she was kidnapped by Scourge?” Silver nodded. “Well this isn’t good.”
“Ya’ think?!” There was silence, “We need to find her.”
“Go tell the others. Then ask around town. Perhaps somebody saw her.” Silver agreed and left. Shadow became worried. What if she had been taken last night? Three hours later Silver was back and Sonic and Espio were with him. Blaze had not been seen since last night. Silver was, clearly, devastated and worried.
“We search all over town,” Espio told Shadow, “but there’s no sign of her.”
“There is no doubt now that Scourge took her.” Sonic stated.
“What can we do?” Asked Silver, “We must get her back.” Shadow looked at him.
“There isn’t anything that we can do.”
“We don’t know where Scourge is hiding. We don’t know for a fact that Scourge actually took her. We really don’t know anything.” Silver began to cry.
“We do know two things.” he said, “He was spotted in the woods twice and he is dangerous. He could kill her!”

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