Part 23

“See you later!”
“Bye!” They all chorused.
“Blaze, if we hurried we could catch a movie.”
“No we can’t. I need to take Cream home.”
“I could take her home for you!” Tails volunteered.
“No you can’t it’s too far and you’re still pretty little.”
“I may be little, but I’m the best mechanic around and can easily take care of myself.”
“Blaze is right.” Agreed Silver “You-”
“I think he can do it.” Shadow smiled, “He’s a freedom fighter and very responsible. You guys trust him with a blow torch and I trust him with Cream. He can do it.”
“Shadow…” Blaze started.
“Let Tails take me home!” Exclaimed Cream, “Please!!!!” Silver and Blaze looked at each other.
“K.” Silver said finally, “You take her home. But, try to hurry. It’s getting pretty dark and a bit cold.”
“OK!” Tails cried out. After deciding the time Blaze would come over tomorrow the two went to a movie.
“Now, you two better hurry.”
“OK Bye bye Shades!” Cream exclaimed.
“Later Shadow!” Then the little ones left. They began to walk towards Tails’ house. Where are we going?”
“To my house. We’re gonna get my air ride a fly to your place.”
“Oh!” Soon they came to his shed and pulled out a hover board. Tails ran off and began to ride the board around. Cream lost sight of him but heard his voice.
“Gear change!” Suddenly he came swooping over her head. He landed and showed her how to hold on.
“Don’t worry Tails. I’ve ridden one before, remember?”
“Oh right! I forgot!” She and Tails grabbed the bar, ran, and took off. Soon they gained altitude and were flying over Knothole and to the field where Cream’s house was.
“Oh no!” Exclaimed Cream, “it’s snowing! Will that effect our flight?”
“No. It’s not snowing too hard. We should be fine.” They kept on. They talked as they rode.
“Can I show you a trick I used to do before my board broke?” Cream asked.
“Sure.” He gave her the controls. She pulled hard on the stick and they went up. Then she made a backwards arch and twisted the controls. They began to spin. It wasn’t an uncontrollable spin, but a slow, even one. She kept the spin going then came out of it with them hanging upside down. She flipped over and went back up to the spot where she arched and did it again in the opposite direction. When she finished she flew away from the spot and turned around. She had used the air stream and made a heart in the sky.
“Wow!” Tails gasped.
“What do you think?!” Cream smiled.
“That’s neat! I never thought of doing something like that!” Cream giggled then gasped suddenly, “What is it?” She still had the controls and swerved around.
“Down there!” They were near the edge of the forest. Tails squinted and saw some movement. Then a figure stepped away from the trees.
“Who is that?” The little fox wondered. He pulled a pair of binoculars from a small compartment and looked through them. He gazed at the figure. “It’s Scourge!” Exclaimed Tails. He grabbed the stick from Cream and flew off at tremendous speed. Soon they reached her home. “Get inside! I’ll go warn knothole!”
“K. Be careful!”
“I will!”

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