Part 22

“Oh my word the line at the check out was so long!” Exclaims Silver. Amy gets up and helps put away the groceries. Then she and Blaze start to make lunch. Cream helps where she can so the boys just sit in the living room and talk. Silver started. “So, Tails, why did you guys take a nap on the roof on Halloween?”
“Huh? I- I wanted to show her some of the star formations.”
“Why on the roof?”
“It’s easier to see them up there.”
“And sleep?”
“Would you leave the poor kid alone?! He wanted to show Cream the stars and accidentally fell asleep. What if it had been you and Blaze?!” Silver was taken aback by this.
“Sorry Tails.”
“It’s OK. can we just forget that night?”
“Whatever.” They sat in silence until lunch was ready. It was more like dinner now. Everyone was famished. They ate and joked. Afterwards they cleaned up.
“Shadow,” Blaze said, “you know that someone is going to have to help you do things now.”
“Well how are we going to work it? Obviously one of us should come here to help. Who and when is what needs to be decided.”
“I didn’t think of that.”
“Well,” Amy thought, “We could take days. Today is Thursday right?”
“Yeah.” Tails chimed.
“Well I can text Sonic and see what day he wants.”
“Uh they’re on a mission. You’d better message Sally.”
“Good idea.” Amy pulled out her I Zone. An I Zone was a type phone that Tails had made for the group. Soon Amy got a reply. She giggled.
“What’s he say?”
“Sally said any will do and all he cares about right now is not getting blasted by swat-bots.”
“Sounds like they’re having fun.” Blaze commented.
“Let’s give him Saturdays.” Shadow laughed. “Then see if he cares.” After a little disputing the shifts were decided. Blaze took Sunday and Friday, Amy got Monday and Wednesday. Tails claimed Tuesday while Thursday was for Silver. Sonic was given Saturday. This decided, Amy took her leave. She had plans in the morning and would need to get to bed early.

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