Part 21

She and Blaze went in the kitchen, but in a minute came back saying that there was no food in the house. Blaze and Silver offered to go to the store.
“OK,”Shadow said, “but later I’ll pay you for the groceries.”
“No you won’t!” Silver told him, “This is my get well soon present for you!” Shadow smiled.
“Whatever.” They opened the door to go and stepped back in surprise. Tails had come to visit.
“What are you doing here?” Shadow asked.
“I brought something. for you.”
“Yeah I made these for you.” he grabbed a pair of crutches that he had leaned against the house, “I thought you could use them to get around.”
“Thanks Tails! These are just what I need! I was getting tired of needing everyone else to help me do things.” Tails laughed.
“I had a feeling that would annoy you!” Tails brought them over to Shadow so he could try them out. He stood and used them to brace himself. While Shadow practiced using the crutches, Blaze and Silver left. After a few minutes Shadow sat back down on the couch. Amy remembered that she had wanted to do something.
“Cream could you help me? it won’t take long and we’ll just be outside in the back.”
“OK” The two left.
“Tails,” Shadow looked at him, “I was wanting to ask you something.”
“Do you like Cream?”
“Gah!” Tails turned red, “I um.. yeah…”
“I thought so.” There was silence a moment.
“By the way,” Tails said, “I wanted to thank you for not telling the others on Halloween.”
“No prob. I would never tell anyone.”
“She reminds me of Cosmo.” Cosmo was a Seedrian. She was from a different planet than Tails. She fled to Mobius after her planet was attacked. She was seeking the help of Sonic and his friends. Then she met Tails. They became great fiends. The group helped her, but in order to defeat Metarex they had to destroy a planet. Cosmo fused with the planet. Tails had to be the one to shoot the beam. As he fired it he shouted to her.
“I love you Cosmo!” The planet was destroyed and Cosmo killed. Super Sonic and Ultra Shadow tried to use Chaos Regeneration on her, but all they manged to gain was a small seed. Later, they gave this seed to Tails. Tails was highly upset over her loss. They returned to Mobius.
“I know how you feel.” Shadow told him. “Our losses are very similar.”
“I never thought about it, but yeah they are.” They smiled at each other. Then Cream and Amy came inside. They were carrying armfuls of flowers. Shadow smiled as Cream gave one to him.
“Thank you.” Then she gave one to Tails.
“Uh… Thanks.”
“You’re welcome!” The girls took the rest and put them in vases with water.
“There!” Amy looked at her work, “Now, this place looks much brighter!” They sit down and chat until Blaze and Silver return. Soon they’re back with bags of food.

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