Part 19

“Wait what do you mean?” Shades questioned.
“Silver!” Sonic growled, “I thought we agreed to keep that secret!”
“What are you two doing?” Cried Knuckles, “I’m the protector of the master emerald and the chaos emeralds. I have a right to know!”
“Silver has been teaching me to use telekinesis and Chronos control.”
“Sonic why do you want to learn to use these things?”
“Because I think it’s cool.” He muttered. This was, clearly, not the answer, but they gave up trying to find out his motives for the time being. They waited for Blaze to return.
When she did Sally was with her. The doctor discharged Shadow from the hospital and they carried him outside. There, a wheelchair was waiting for him along with Amy.
“A friend gave this to us for you. She doesn’t need it anymore.”
“Nice.” They set him into it and were about to go when Shadow told them something, “I don’t want Sonic to push me!”
“What?! Look I know it’s my fault you’re hurt and I know you don’t like me right now, but you don’t have to keep-”
“It’s not that Sonic.”
“What then?”
“Remember the time you pushed me on the office chair?” Asked Knuckles, “The scariest moment of my life. I thought I was gonna die!”
“Oh… but it was awesome! Come on Shades let me -”
“Please, Sonic. Just let Silver do it.”
“Fine.” Silver grabbed the handles and they made their way to the empty house. It was a small, old building, but still in good condition. They went inside. The living room was the first place they came to. It was nicely furnished with two couches and a coffee table. There also was a fireplace on the right. To the left was the kitchen. And straight ahead was a laundry room. By going through there you can get to the bathroom and bedroom.
“Well Shadow, what do you think?” Amy asked.
“It’s nice. I like it.”
“Cool!” Shadow looked around.
“Could you help me onto the couch?”
“Sure!” They picked him up and set him on the couch.
“I feel so helpless!” He complained.

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