Part 18

After chastising Sonic, Amy went back to the forest to find Blaze and Sonia. Silver went with her. Sonic and Knuckles stayed with Shades. Sally went to tell Manic and Cream. Shadow had to stay in the hospital for a couple days. X rays were taken and a plaster cast put on. The doctor said that he had broken his ankle and fractured his shinbone. It was bad, but not bad enough for surgery.
“How long will it take to heal?” Shadow asked.
“About ten to twelve weeks at most.” Shadow groaned.
“Great. That means I’ll still have it on during Christmas!”
“I’m sorry Shades.” Sonic said when the doctor had gone, “This is my fault. I shouldn’t have pushed you.”
“It’s OK Sonic. Don’t beat yourself up over it. I just didn’t watch where I was chaos controlling.” They were quiet a moment.
“You know,” Knuckles broke the silence, “you’re going to have to stay in Knothole until you get better.”
“Yeah I know.”
“There’s an empty house you can live in.” Sonic told him.
“Really?” “Yeah. Or you can stay at my house.”
“Thanks. Once I get better, though, I’m leaving.”
“Leaving?” “Where would you go?”
“Back to my cabin. Or I may find a new hide out.”
“Because I don’t like people!” this quieted the two. Then there was a knock on the door. “Come in.” Shadow called. Silver and Blaze came in.
All their friends knew that this purple fire cat and gray psychic hedgehog were a thing. They didn’t try to show it, but they didn’t try not to either.
“The doctor told us that you could go home today.” Blaze told him.
“But, you should probably stay in town so can be taken care of.” silver finished.
“We were just talking about that.”
“We suggested the empty house at the end of my street or Sonic’s house.”
“I prefer the empty house.”
“What’s wrong with my house?”
“If you broke your leg and it was my fault would you want to stay with me?”
“Well if that’s where you want to stay, I can get the key from Sally.” Blaze said.
“Yeah I guess that’s where I’ll stay.”
“I’ll be back.” Blaze went off to find Sally.
“So,” Silver started, “what was it you two have been doing lately?”
“Yeah. You may as well tell us.” Sonic and Shadow glanced at each other.
“I don’t know if I can tell you.” Sonic stated, “I don’t even know if we are going to continue with it.”
“Continue with what?” Asked Silver. Sonic looked to Shadow.
“The lessons are done. You probably shouldn’t learn anymore or some one else could get hurt.”
“Can I tell them?”
“I don’t see why not. It doesn’t matter now.” Sonic looked back at Knux and Silver.
“He was teaching me to use chaos control.”
“You can use it? I can’t believe it! Dang Sonic,” exclaimed Silver, “soon you’re gonna have complete control over the chaos emeralds!”

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