Part 17

“Shadow?! Shadow where are you?”
“Help!” Then the speaker broke through the trees. It was Amy.
“Shadow I saw you falling then heard you scream. I thought I’d better see what happened.”
“Great! I broke my leg!”
“What?” She knelt down beside him.
“Sonic went to find help.”
“We need to brace your leg until he gets back.”
“Look in the cabin and shed. You might find something you can use in there.” She ran off. When she saw the inside of the cabin she realized that Shadow lived here. She looked around for something she could use as a brace. There was nothing that she could find so she ran around back to the shed. There she saw his motorcycle.
“Wow!” She exclaimed. Then she spotted a yard stick. “Perfect!” After a little more looking she found some rags that Shadow uses to clean his bike. Amy ran back to him. She broke the yard stick in half then started to brace his leg. “This will hurt.”
“Ugh!” They heard a crashing in the woods.
“He’s this way!”
“Sonic slow down!”
“Ahhhhh!” Then they saw Sonic pulling Silver and Knuckles with him.
“There! Huh? Amy? What are you doing here?”
“You left Shadow alone in the forest without bracing his leg or giving him a way to defend himself if Scourge attacked?!”
“Scourge? What are you talking about Ames?”
“We spotted Scourge earlier. Sonia, Blaze, and I were all looking for him when I saw Shadow fall!”
“Hey Amy,” Shadow interrupted, “I appreciate the concern, but could you chastise Sonic after we get to Knothole?”
“Sorry!” Sonic and Knuckles picked up Shadow and Silver used his telekinesis to make sure he didn’t fall. Amy looked around and found Shadow’s emerald under a bush. Then they carried him back to knothole It was a bit of a trek, but they hurried and were there in an hour. When Sally saw them she ran and got the doctor. Shadow was taken to the hospital.

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