Part 14

“What happened?” She asked as she took Cream in her arms.
“Cream and Tails went missing.”
“What?!” They went inside and Shadow explained everything. When all was said Shadow left. “Thanks for bringing her home.”
“No problem.” Then he left. He went back to his house and washed out the dye. When he was black and red again he flopped into bed and slept late into the afternoon.
When he woke his mind wandered to the events of last night. He smiled when he thought of Silver and Sonic’s faces after the fight. Then the two missing kids came to mind.
“So Tails has a crush on Cream?” Then the search came to his mind. “Of all people, Sally paired me up with Sonia! Why?” He remembered the talk he had with her on the way back to Sonic’s.
“Shadow?” Sonia said.
“Do you… um… like Amy?”
“What?! I… I… She’s a good friend.”
“You know what I mean!”
“I’m not sure.” He looked away. Then he asked her. “Why do you want to know?” She blushed.
“Oh… I… just was wondering if you knew that Amy has a boyfriend.”
“Yeah… Manic.”
“You were afraid that I would take her from him?”
“Sorta…” Then he caught on.
“Wait! You don’t? Sonia do you?” She looked at the ground, “You have a crush… on me?!” She nodded. They were silent. Each had their own thoughts. By that time they had reached Sonic’s house. Shadow kept thinking about his problem.
“Sonia and Amy… how am I going to deal with this?” His mind wandered to Maria. He remembered one Halloween where they dressed as each other. He kept thinking and soon fell asleep again.
The next morning he felt extremely rested. He sat up then decided to make some coffee. This done he sat on his bed and pulled out his memory box. He looked through his pictures of him and Maria and came to one of them on ice skates. He smiled and missed her. Tears began to roll down his cheeks.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door and Sonic came in. Shadow had forgotten that the lesson was this morning. They had planned an all day lesson because of Halloween. Sonic stopped short when he saw the state Shadow was in. Shadow looked away. Sonic came over and saw the picture Shadow held. Then he knelt down beside him and, to Shadow’s surprised, gave him a hug.
“If you are suffering over the loss of Maria,” Sonic told him, “you should let me know. I will help you any way I can.” Shadow looked at Sonic. Then he realized that the impossible had happened. Sonic was his friend.
“Thank you.” Was all that Shadow could say. Shadow cried for a moment more then they sat on the bed. Sonic reheated the coffee and got a cup for Shadow and himself.
“Now,” he started, “you are going through something and you are highly upset about it, right?” Shadow nodded. “Will you tell me what?” Then it all came out.

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