Part 13

The others did not know that they had gone. They continued to have fun until ten o’clock. Then Shadow mentioned that Cream should go home and he offered to take her.
“Cream. It’s time to go!” He looked about and didn’t see her.
“Espio have you seen Cream?”
“Uh oh. Hey guys! Cream’s not here.”
“What?!” Exclaimed Sonic, “Hey Tails is gone to!”
“Where are they?!” Asked Rouge.
“I don’t know!” Shadow told her.
“We have to look for them!” Sally stated, “Let’s divide into groups of two. Bunny and Antoine you check the park. Blaze and Silver go look on the western outskirts. Manic and Amy you take the east. Espio and Nicole, the north. Vector and Charmy can you search the gardens?”
“You bet!” These teams ran off.
“Sonia and Shadow. Ask around and see if anyone has seen them. Sonic and I will take the west you two take the east. Rotter you should stay here in case they come back.”
“Rodger that Princess.”
“Then I think I know what we should do.” Knux said.
“You want us to search from the sky don’t you?”
“You got it Rouge.” They ran and took off. The last two groups started asking if they had seen them. They searched all night but, they could not be found. Dawn was breaking when they gathered at Sonic’s. “Any sight of them?” Sally asked the group’s. No was everyone’s answer.
Suddenly Espio gasped. Cream and Tails had just come around the house. They looked like they had just woken up. Everyone rushed over to them and started asking a million questions. Shadow got in front of them quickly.
“Chaos Spear!” The light shards hit ground and everybody jumped back, “Give them room to breathe!” He shouted. Then he knelt down next to them. “Are you alright?” They nodded. “Where were you?”
“On the roof.” Tails whispered.
“We fell asleep.” Cream added.
“You had us worried.”
“Yeah we searched all over Knothole for you.” Put in Silver.
“We’re sorry.” Cream was starting to cry.
“Yeah we didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just… I… um…” Then Shadow realized what was going on.
“It’s OK just don’t do it again. Make sure someone knows where you are.”
“Yes sir.”
“Good. Cream it’s high time we got you home. Your mother must be worried sick.” Shadow picked her up and bid the others farewell. Then he patted Tails on the head and winked at him. He Chaos Controlled to Cream’s house while carrying her. They knocked and Vanilla came rushing to open the door.

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