Part 12

The others had come now. They saw them talking. Manic came running up.
“Dude, what’s going on? Shadow?!”
“Yup, that’s me.”
“You terrified me!”
“I know. I was hoping I’d scare you. Our fight made it even better.”
“Fight?” Sally asked then she saw Sonic’s bloody face. “Oh my goodness! Shadow did you do that?” They all grinned.
“Actually it was Silver.”
“Hey I meant to hit you not Sonic!” Everyone admired Shadow’s costume
Then Shades saw Amy. He went over to her. He looked her up and down.
“I like your costume.” She smiled. Then Manic saw her. He didn’t notice her costume until now.
“Why would she dress like him?” He thought. “She’s my girlfriend.” Sonic came up to him. They watched the two chat for a moment then Sonic asked him something.
“What? Of him? No way!”
“I know you want Ames.” Manic sighed.
“Don’t worry. She could still be yours.”
“Maybe.” Just then they heard the siren that meant trick or treating could start. They all went back to Sonic’s house.
Espio had stayed with the little kids. Espio was invisible and the kids were running around trying to find him. Cream was the one to find him and she grabbed his leg and held on tight. He reappeared and they went to see the group.
“What happened? Ahh!”
“Don’t worry Espio. It’s me Shadow.”
“Shadow? Why on Mobius would you go as him?”
“To scare you guys.”
“Well it worked.”
“Can we go trick or treating now?” Charmy asked.
“Yeah! Let’s go!” Sonic exclaimed. For the next hour they walked around knothole. Espio, Shadow, and Manic kept scaring people. Sonia, Amy, and Sally got on to them for it but, they refused to quit.
“The only reason I wore this was to scare people.” Shadow told them. Finally they got back to Sonic’s. When they got there Sonic piled some wood and kindling into the fire pit.
“Blaze!” He called for her, “Hey, Can the fire spirit light this for me?” She used her power and created a flaming ball which she shot at the wood. Soon they had a roaring fire going. “Thanks girl!”
“Your welcome!”
“Sally could you help carry out the food?”
“You made food?” She asked doubtfully.
“I bought hot dogs to roast and the stuff to make s’mores and I made apple cider.”
“All right, I’ll help you.” They brought it out and people made hot dogs and s’mores. Except Cream got a carrot on a bun. The kids sorted and traded candy. They ran about playing “Find Espio”. Later Tails went up to Cream.
“Come on!” He whispered.
“Follow me.” No one saw them slip around the house. He led her to a deck then grabbed her arms. He then twisted his tails and flew, carrying her with him, up to the roof of Sonic’s house. They landed and Tails pointed up to the sky. “Look.” He said, “From here we can see the stars!”
“They’re so pretty!” They sat down on the roof and gazed at them. As they sat they shared a box of chocolates that Cream had gotten. Soon they grew tired. The two snuggled up together and fell asleep.

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