Part 16

“Do you feel like it? You’re the teacher you decide.”
“Sure. It will help me take my mind off things.” They went outside and began to practice. Shadow didn’t teach like he normally did because he was depressed. Then Sonic had an idea.
“Hey let’s try something for thrill! Let’s chaos control high in the air and free fall. Then, just before we hit the ground we chaos control to safety!”
“Are you crazy?! That’s too dangerous!”
“I do it all the time!”
“Come on, faker. It’ll be fun. Put a smile on. I’ll go first.”
“Sonic, no!”
“Chaos control!” In a flash he was in the sky. Shadow watched in horror as Sonic plummeted towards Mobius. “Yahoo! Chaos Control!!!” He was just about hit, but he made it. “See? It’s fine. Your turn!”
“I said no!”
“What’s the matter? You scared?”

“I thought you were the Ultimate Life Form! Guess your just a chicken, Faker!”
“I’m scared of nothing, Faker!”
“Oh yeah, Faker?”
“I’m the Ultimate Life Form! You’re the Faker, Faker!”
“Really? I think you’re the Faker! The Ultimate Life Form would never turn down a challenge! You are just a little scaredy hog!”
“I am fearless!”
“Prove it! Faker!”
“Fine! Faker! Chaos Control!” There was a huge flash of light and Shadow was in the sky. He liked the feeling of the wind racing by him. He kept falling and falling. Suddenly he hit something. It was a branch from a nearby tree. The force of the hit made him drop his chaos emerald. Without it he couldn’t chaos control to safety. It fell along with him. He tried to grab it, but it was out of reach.
He hit the ground with massive force. For a moment he lay there stunned. Then he felt a horrible pain in his leg. It overpowered all other pain he felt.
“Ow… Ahh!”
“Shadow! What’s the matter?!”
“It’s my leg! It hurts!” Sonic felt it.
“I think it’s broken! We need to get you to knothole!”
“We can’t chaos control there while I’m injured.”
“I can’t carry you by myself and make sure your leg doesn’t hurt.”
“You’ll have to go get someone!”
“Right! Who?”
“Whoever you run into first! Hurry!” Sonic ran off and Shadow lay there. Suddenly he heard a voice.

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