Part 10

“Where could those two be?!” Exclaimed Sonic.
“You mean us?” Sonic turned. Instead of Shadow and Amy there stood Scourge and Sonia.
“Ahh! Sonia what are you doing with Scourge?!”
“I think your Costume worked!” She said to her companion.
“Whoa dude you can’t tell your own brother from a villain!? Totally disappointed bro!”
“Manic?! You had me fooled! And who are you supposed to be sis?” Sonic asked.
“I’m a girl from one of my favorite TV shows. She- you wouldn’t know her.”
“No I wouldn’t!”
“So, like, bro.” Manic wondered, “who are you still waiting on?”
“Amy, she might be bringing Blaze, and Shadow.”
“Hmm. Well while you wait I want to look around. I haven’t seen this place in ages!” He and Sonia had been on a rode trip and had only gotten back that morning.
“Hey!” Sonic ran in front of him, “Don’t cause any trouble, and remember to keep your sticky finger away from places they don’t belong.”
“Chill bro! I promise I won’t steal anything! I’m a freedom fighter now!”
“Keep that in mind.”
“And remember to be back in time to take the kids trick or treating!” Sonia chimed in.
“Right.” Then he wandered off.
“Sonic!!!! Sorry we’re late! We were having trouble finding Blaze a costume.” He turned to see Amy.
“Well it’s about time! What are your costumes?” Blaze lit her self on fire. It was actually part of her costume.
She was a fire spirit. The legend says that they start fires in the woods and let the trees burn. They also burn towns and, in old times, they were the ones who started the fire when a person was burnt at the stake.
Amy’s costume surprised everyone. She was dressed as Shadow! Her hair and fur were no longer pink but, read an black. She looked like she and Shadow had fused into one!
“Wow!” Exclaimed Sonic “I didn’t expect you-”
“Sonic! Guys!” Manic came running as fast as he could. When he reached them he was out of breath. “Guys… town gate… Mephilies!” Sonic didn’t wait to hear more. He grabbed the arm of the sheet ghost and ran off.
“You’re coming to Silver!”
“I wouldn’t miss this!” Soon they had reached the gate. Sure enough Mephilies was standing there. Sonic put down silver.
“What do you want and how are you here?”
“Yeah you got sealed away! How did you break free?” He just stood there.
“Well we can’t let you go so it looks like we’re in for a fight!” Then it began. Sonic rushed towards him. Mephilies dodged his attack. He dodged again and again. He made Sonic miss every time.
Mephilies heard something behind him then jumped. A punch from Silver, intended for Mephilies, landed square in Sonic’s face. Mephilies landed over to the side. He looked at Sonic’s face. It was a little bloodied and bruised. Silver was shocked and confused. Mephilies tried to suppress his laughter.
“What are you laughing at?!” Sonic cried out. Then he and Silver started running at him.
“I should end this.” Thought Mephilies. He jumped back. Then he spoke for the first time. “Chaos Spear!” The Golden Light shards landed right in front of Sonic and Silver. They stopped and stared at him. Then Silver realized the truth.
“That’s not Mephilies! Mephilies eyes are green!”
“Your right! His eyes are red!” They looked at the Chaos Spear which was now fading, “That means!”
“You’re, ” He took off his rubber mask.
“You got it! I’m Shadow the Hedgehog!”

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