Part 9

“Hey!” Sonic said.
“Hey Sonic!”
“Hello Sonic!” Amy exclaimed, “Hi Shadow. What are you two doing here?”
“Just getting something to drink.” Answered Shades.
“Shades can you sit with us?!” Cream asked. He looked at Amy.
“I don’t mind.” “Alright.” Sonic slid into the booth next to Tails. Shadow sat down in the chair by Cream. They ordered some soda. Then Amy asked everyone if they knew what they would be for Halloween. “It’s only three days away, you know.”
“I’m gonna be a pilot!” Tails told them.
“Mom is gonna dress me up like a Chao!” Cream giggled.
“I think Amy and I should do a joint costume.” Sonic declared.,”I’ll be a knight and you be a princess!”
“Sorry Sonic I already have a costume!”
“Yeah? What?”
“It’s a surprise!”
“Come on! Tell us!”
“Hmm. Only if you tell me what you and Shades have been doing these past weeks.” Shadow and Sonic looked at each other.
“We can’t. It’s a secret.” Sonic told her.
“Then you’ll have to wait to find out my costume!”
“Whatever. What about you, Shades?” Sonic wondered. Shadow grinned, “Mine’s a surprise too.”
“What?!” They chatted with each other for a while but, then they had to go. Shadow bought all there drinks for them.
“You don’t have to do that!” Amy tried to protest but, it was pointless. Amy asked if Sonic he could take Cream home for her.
“Sure!” He scooped her up and they were gone. Tails had to go work on his plain so he said goodbye. Shadow looked at Amy.
“Is there a place where we can talk privately?” Amy was surprised.
“Yeah. I know a place.” She led the way to a secluded bench in the park, “What do you want to talk about?”
“Uh. I wanted to apologize, for that night in the forest. Remember?”
“I would never forget.”
“When I kissed you I was just so overwhelmed with joy of recovering that memory that I didn’t think about my actions. I’m sorry.” Amy stared at him.
“It’s OK. I understand.”
“Are we still friends?”
“Of course we are!” Shadow stepped back and untied his emerald.
“I- I should go.”
“Shadow wait!”
“Chaos Control!” In a flash he was at his bike. He hopped on and rode off to his home.
When he got there he decided to start to put together his costume. He had bought all the materials the day before. He had a rubber mask to cover up his mouth. He painted that white. He got a new pair of skates which he modified and he had a lot of hair coloring. He also had new gloves.
The days passed. Then it was finally Halloween! Shadow changed himself using his new mask, skates, gloves, and fur coloring. His black fur he turned to dark blue and his red fur he made blue/green. All the red on his gloves and skates were this color. The only thing he couldn’t change was his eye color. Soon he was ready. The night came and Shadow chaos controlled to knothole.
Most the group had met now. They were to meet at Sonic’s house then they would take the little kids trick or treating. Sonic wore his knight suit that he had gotten on one of his adventures. Cream was a Chao and Tails was a pilot like they had said.
Silver, who was not very creative, became a sheet ghost. Charmy, a little bee, decided to be a ninja. Vector the Crocodile was a leprechaun. Espio didn’t dress up, he just vanished. He was a chameleon and had the power to vanish at will.
Nicole and Sally dressed up as Indians while Knuckles and Rouge were a wizard and a witch. Antoine was a soldier and bunny was a robot. Rotter the Walrus was a clown. Amy and Shadow were the only two missing.

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