Part 8

“How can you eat so many?” Shadow asked him.
“I have to. They give me the energy to run as fast as I do. They’re not the source of my speed but they’re like my fuel. Plus,” he swallowed another, “they’re delicious!” Shadow thought a moment
. “I think today’s lesson is done.”
“When is the next?”
“Tomorrow I plan to see Cream… so day after?”
“No I have a date and I don’t want to be freshly bruised.” He smiled. Shadow thought.
“How about noon every Sunday, and evenings Wednesday and Friday?”
“I think that would work. Then Saturdays would be free and I could attend most meetings at Knothole.”
“Then it’s settled. Next lesson is noon Sunday.”
“That’s in three days.”
“See you then.”
“See ya’ Shades!” He sped off.
“Well that was easier than I expected.” Shadow thought. Now he was looking forward to Sunday. “I think I’ll teach him to focus his power next.” Shadow went inside and gathered the dirty dishes. Then he cleaned them with a wash tub and soap that was in his shed.
When this was done he went inside and pulled out his memory box. He took out the crayons and paper. Then he lay down in the floor and colored. He liked to color. It reminds him of when he would draw with Maria. He drew a picture of the lesson that had taken place. He drew Sonic in a tree and then he drew them eating chili dogs He spent an hour drawing and then put his things away.
Shadow then went outside. It was getting dark. It had been a hot day but, the wind was shifting. Time was bringing Autumn with it. He liked Autumn. He liked the trees and the different colors. He liked having bonfires and roasting marshmallows with Cream.
He went back inside and sat on his bed. He just sat and thought. Then he remembered Halloween. He never went trick or treating but, he did dress up mostly because Cream, Sonic, and Rouge wanted him to. They really liked Halloween and wanted everyone to participate. He lay down and thought.
“What should I be this year?” Then he remembered an old enemy. “That would give them a good scare!” He thought and a mischievous smile crossed his face. Then as he thought he slipped into a peaceful sleep.
The weeks went on and the lessons continued. Sonic got better and better. He did explode a few times but wasn’t hurt to bad. Three days before Halloween they had a lesson.
“Focus.” Shadow told him.
“Chaos Control!” In a flash of light Sonic was gone. “Shades!” He looked up to the roof. Sonic was standing there grinning. “It worked! I used Chaos Control!”
“You used it perfectly!” Sonic jumped down and they hi dived. “This calls for a little celebration. Come on let’s get some soda. It’s on me.” They pulled out the motorcycle and rode to the city.
Then they walked to a small soda shop. They went in. They looked around and were surprised. Cream, Tails, and Amy were all there.
Shadow had hardly talked to Amy since that night in the woods. Soon Cream spotted them. She jumped up and ran to Shadow. He picked her up and hugged her. Then they went to where Tails and Amy sat.

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