Part 7

“Thanks for the help.” Shadow told him as he mounted.
“No prob.” Then Shadow roared away on his bike. Tails went back to knothole to find Amy. The meeting was about to start.
Shadow had to hurry too. He went very quickly to the forest. When he got there he looked around. Sonic wasn’t there yet.
“Shades!” He looked up. Sonic was here. He was just in a tree.
“Come on down!” Shadow called. In a second Sonic was at his side.
“You’ve been shopping?” He asked.
“Yeah. Hop on.” Sonic did so and Shadow rode off into the woods. He followed the hidden path.
“Where are we going, exactly?” Sonic wondered.
“To my house.” They soon came to the cabin.
“You live here?” Sonic asked.
“Yes. Don’t tell anyone else.”
“You mean I’m the only one who knows?!” Shadow nodded. They put away the bike, untied the groceries, and carried them inside. Sonic was surprised that Shadow would live here. He helped put away the food. He looked at what Shades had bought.
“You’re making chili dogs!”
“Yep. And if you slack off you won’t get one!”
“Wha?! Come on! I want one!”
“Then don’t slack off.” Shadow smiled. When everything was put away they went outside, “OK.” Shadow said, “Try using Chaos Control. Then I’ll tell you if you’re doing something wrong.”
“K!” Sonic untied they chaos emerald that he had tied around his neck. Then he tried to use it.
“Chaos Control!” As soon as he said that he threw the emerald in the air. The blue jewel sparkled slightly but it had stopped by the time he caught it. “See? It doesn’t work.”
“Well right off the bat I can see one thing that you’re doing wrong. When you say Chaos Control you should be holding the emerald. Instead you throw it in the air. Try again but, hold on to the emerald.”
He did. “Chaos Control!” It sparkled but, something was wrong. “Sonic! Get away from -” There was a huge flash of light and a slight explosion.
“Whoa!!!” Sonic went flying.
“Sonic! Where’d you go?!”
“Up here.” He was hanging upside down from a tree.
“You alright?” Shadow asked.
“Yeah. I think so.”
“Can you get down?”
“Hold on.”
“Chaos Spear!” He severed the branch and it fell bringing Sonic with it.
“Ahhhhh! Oomph!” Shadow walked over to Sonic. Slowly Sonic got up.
“Why I oughta’!” He raised his fist.
“Hit me and you don’t get one of the chili dogs I’m about to make.”
“Hmm. Still gonna hit me?” Sonic lowered his fist. Shadow led the way into the house. Sonic grumbled under his breath.
They went in and together they made chili dogs When they were done Sonic did get one. He actually got more than one. He got around twelve.

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