Part 6

He woke up the next morning with the feeling that he was supposed to do something. He tried to remember what he had done yesterday. It all came flooding back. The lessons, the visit with Cream, the story, his skating, and the kiss. He thought he should apologize to Amy and explain his actions. He would if he got her alone. Now though, he needed to get ready to give chaos control lessons.
Shadow got up and realized that he had left his gloves and skates on. He walked over to the food box. Inside were some granola bars, a half empty water jug, a kettle, some instant coffee, and a few apples. He grabbed the kettle and set it on the stove. Then he poured water into it. Shades started the fire and soon the water had boiled. He got his cup and the instant coffee. Upon opening the container he found he was almost out of the stuff.
“I should go to the store today.” He told himself. He liked going grocery shopping. He used to go with Maria when they were on earth, “I can go this morning… if I go fast.” Then he smiled. He could use chaos control but… He had another way to get there. He drank his coffee and ate a granola bar. Then he went outside and around behind the cabin.
There was a bike shed back there. He went into the shed and opened the big door. There was his motorcycle. It was black and he kept it polished. This was one of his favorite possessions. He paints and maintains it himself. He reached into a bucket that was on the floor next to him. He pulled out some sun glasses, it was hot that day. Then he opened the pouch on his bike and pulled out his wallet. He kept it here because there really wasn’t a better place to hide it. He put it in his skate.
He pulled the bike out then closed the shed. Then he mounted and started the engine. Soon he was roaring through the trees. Shadow had a lot of skill and knew a path through the woods. In a minute he was out in the open and on his way to the city. He didn’t like going to the city because knothole was near it. He didn’t want to be anywhere near them.
“I hope I don’t run into the others.” He sped on and eventually the city came into view. He rode to to the outskirts of the city and parked. He walked through the city streets. He passed many shops.
Soon he came to the grocery store. He went in and got a cart. Then he went down each aisle, getting the things he needed.
“Bread, water, coffee, can’t live without coffee,” he thought, “pancake mix, syrup. What else do I need? Chili dogs!” He went and got the stuff to make them, “If Sonic does well,” he said to himself, “he’ll be rewarded. If not I’ll eat a chili dog and I won’t let him have one!” A smile crossed his face. He payed for the items then took his bags. He had quite a few and had some trouble carrying them.
As he was walking he felt a tap on his shoulder then someone took some of the bags. He turned to see Tails.
“Hello!” He grinned, “Mind if I help?”
“Thanks.” Shadow answered. Tails spun his tails, jumped up, and was flying like a helicopter. Shadow smiled and they continued to the bike.
“How have you been?” Tails asked.
“Pretty good.” Shadow answered, “You?”
“Same here!”
“How are things at Knothole?”
“Doing pretty well. Today Amy and I are going to help Sally plan our next strike. Sonic said he couldn’t make it. I wonder what he’s got planned.” Shadow couldn’t help but, grin. “What?” Tails asked.
“Nothing.” Then Tails gasped.
“You know what Sonic is doing don’t you?!”
“Come on what is it?! I want to know!”
“Stop it Tails! It’s a secret.”
“A secret huh?” They had reached the bike by this time. Shadow and Tails tied down the bags to the back of the motorcycle. Then Shadow saw a small girl selling matches. He had forgotten to buy some and went over to the girl. It was obvious that she was from a poor family, so Shadow bought two match books and gave her a little extra. Then he put the matches in his motorcycle pack.
Tails was watching and was surprised. He never thought that Shades would do that.

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