Part 5

“One year Dr. Gerald Robotnik thought it would be good for us to go down to earth for a while. He thought we could manage ourselves and he knew someone who would let us stay with them so that winter we went down. We had fun down there. We learned more about Christmas on earth and found a few favorite shops. There was a candy shop where we would buy sweets and another shop where we would get soda and hang out. There was a place we went to once where you’d pay and put on a costume the they would take your picture. I became a knight and Maria was the princess. I managed to get the picture from the ARK after the raid.”
“We learned to ice skate and got pretty good at it. We had a lot of fun. We would go to the rink early in the mornings and we would be the only ones there. We would skate for hours. We eventually took figure skating lessons. That was Maria’s idea. Our teacher said we had real talent. It was the best trip ever. When we got back to the ARK Maria and I found a huge and empty store room. I put her on hover skates and we would practice and hover for hours!”
“One time Gerald found us doing one of our routines. We skated perfectly that day and didn’t know we were being watched. When we finished we heard him clap. We both turned blood red. Then I think I chased him through the ARK and maybe used chaos spear… that was the end of our skating.”
“Hehe.” Cream giggled, “Will you teach me sometime?”
“Of course but, now you need to sleep.” He stood, kissed her forehead then went to the living room.
“Thanks for putting Cream to bed. I- I heard you’re story. I’m sorry if Cream was insensitive. I-”
“Don’t worry about it. It was nice to remember.” He reassured her.
“Alright goodnight Shadow.”
“Good night.” Then he left. Shadow slowly skated home. As he skated through the woods he came upon a clearing. It was dark but the moon shone brightly and he could see everything. No one else was there. He had passed through this clearing many times but, he saw it differently tonight.
He took a deep breath then skated to the middle of the clearing. The music began to play in his head. At the right moment he started his routine. He skated perfectly. He seemed to lose himself in these moments. He forgot who he was and where he was. His jumps were perfect.
Then he came to a part near the end of his performance where he would pick up Maria. He reached out expecting air but, found someone on hover skates. He couldn’t see her face. He continued with his skating, picked her up, twirled, then ended with her in his arm. Now, her face was in front of his. He jumped back in surprise.
“Amy?!” She smiled shyly.
“Wha- What are you doing here?!”
“I come here some nights to practice my hover skating.” She told him, “What are you doing?”
“Uh… I… uh…”
“I didn’t know you could ice skate.” Shadow blushed. He was embarrassed. Then is stripes began to glow just as red. Now, he was more embarrassed. He looked at the ground.
Then he saw Amy’s skates. They were just like his but, all the red was turned to blue. He looked at Amy.
“Where did you get those skates?” He asked.
“Oh these? I got them from the ARK.” Tears swelled in Shadow’s eyes.
“I- I thought they were destroyed in the raid… Those belonged to Maria!”
“Maria?!” Amy gasped, “I thought they were an old pair of yours!” Instantly she sat on the ground and took them off. Then she handed them to Shadow. “Here! They mean more to you than they ever will to me!” He took them then looked at Amy.
“Thank you.” Right now she reminded him so much of Maria. On impulse he kissed her forehead the skated off into the woods.
She stood there watching him. She was in a daze. Shadow had just kissed her. What should she do? Everything was confusing. That day she had realized that she loved Sonic as a brother not romantically. Manic, Sonic’s brother, seemed to imply that he liked Amy. Honestly, Amy thought she liked Manic. Now, she didn’t know what to think. She then started her walk to knothole.
Shadow skated back to his cabin and didn’t stop. He thought about what he did. Now what was Amy to think?
“I messed up big this time! Why is it, at the worst times, that I can’t keep my emotions in check?” He thought of her as a sister not a potential spouse. Soon he was at the cabin.
He went in and realized he had forgotten to put his box away. He closed it then pushed it and the skates under his bed. Afterwards he lay down to sleep.

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