Part 4

“Hey Shades,” Cream asked afterwards, “you wanna play dolls with me?” He looked at her shining face.
“You know I do!” He cried with genuine excitement. He loved playing with her.
“Yay!” She cried and grabbed Shadow by the hand. They went up to her room. Cream opened up her toy chest and pulled out her dolls. After dividing up the dolls they played. The two played for a couple of hours. Then they heard the clock strike eight.
“Whoa it’s late. You are going to need to get to bed!” Exclaimed Shadow.
“But, Shades that means you would have to go home.” Cream put on a sad face. Shadow thought a moment.
“How about this? You go get ready and I’ll tuck you in. Cream smiled
“OK.” She ran off to the bathroom and Shadow put away the dolls. Then he went to the living room. Nilla was there, reading. She looked up as he entered.
“Where’s Cream?” She asked.
“Getting ready for bed.” Nilla smiled.
“Did you two have fun?” Shadow grinned.
“Lots.” He really did have fun. He loved Cream’s company and would play anything with her, except for dress up. He tried to draw the line there but, occasionally she could get him in a dress. Soon she came in wearing her night gown.
“Did you brush your teeth and wash your face?” Her mom asked.
“Yes mother.” Shadow went over to her.
“Ready for bed?” He asked.
“Ready for bed.” Then they walked back to Cream’s room. Shadow pulled back the covers and lifted her into bed. Then he pulled the sheets up over her head. She pushed them down to her chin. As Shadow was about to leave she suddenly sat bolt upright.
“Where’s Cheese?!”.
“Huh I don’t know.” Then they heard the little chao. He was in the hallway. Shadow opened the door and he came in carrying a glass of water. He flew over to the night stand set it down then landed on the bed. After that he was worn out.
“Where have you been?!” Cream asked pointing playfully. Then Shadow tucked them in again, “Shades.” Cream called to him.
“Yes, Cream.”
“Tell us a story.” He looked at her beaming face. There was no way he could refuse. He walked over and sat on the end of her bed. “What kind of story?”
“Um… if you don’t mind… a story about you and Maria.” Shadow thought a moment.
“A story about me and Maria eh? Well let me think… How about I tell you when we stayed on earth for a winter season?”
“Yay!” Cream cried and settled down under the covers.

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