Part 3

Now as he remembered this he thought of his new friends. He almost seemed to be a part of Sonic’s group but, he wasn’t really. He had a few friends from the group. Amy was one of them. She reminded him of Maria and he thought of her as his sister but, doesn’t tell her this. Another was Tails. His fur brings the color of Maria’s hair to Shadow’s mind.
Then there was Cream the bunny. She reminded Shadow so much of Maria. He loved to spend as much time as possible with her. He would play with her for hours if he could. She too was like a little sister to him and he was a brother to her.
Finally he got along with Silver pretty well. Silver is a gray hedgehog from the future. He can use the chaos emeralds to travel through time. Shadow saw no sign of Maria in him and just liked him as a friend… sorta. Shadow was very protective of the first three and tries to keep them out of harms way.
He grew tired as he lay there, crying and soon he fell asleep. He woke up hours later.
“What time is it?” He wondered. Reaching under his bed he pulled out a small box. He opened it. Inside was some of the things he had gathered from the ARK. The picture of him and Maria reading along with a few others, an old doll that had been Maria’s, some crayons, paper, and one of Gerald’s watches that had survived the raid.
He picked up the watch and looked at the face.
“Whoa how on Mobius did I sleep that late, it’s almost dinner time?!” He exclaimed. He hopped up put on his gloves and skates and ran out the door. Cream had invited him to dinner and he told her mother he would help make it. He skated faster than ever and was soon at her house.
Cream was waiting for him at the window. When she saw him she ran outside. She ran over to him and he scooped her up in his arms.
“Shades!” She cried.
“Hey Cream! Sorry I’m late, I took a nap and over slept.”
“That’s alright. Glad you’re here.” He sat her on his back and skated to the house. Cream’s mother, Nilla, met them at the door.
“Hello, Shadow.”
“Hi.” He said then explained why he was late.
“We decided to have breakfast for dinner.”
“Great! What can I do to help?”
“Can you fry some eggs?”
“Sure.” They went inside and to the kitchen. Shadow put on an apron turned on the stove and started cracking eggs into a pan. Cream and her pet chao, Cheese, started cutting biscuits out of some dough. Nilla cut and juiced some oranges. They all worked hard and soon the meal was ready, “Get some plates, will you Cream?”
“K. Shadow.” She pulled some plates out of a cabinet. Cheese set the table and Shadow dished out the eggs. Then he pulled the biscuits out of the oven and set them on the counter. Nilla poured the orange juice and they sat down to eat. Everything was delicious.
“Shades, you make some of the best eggs.” Exclaimed Cream as she took another bite.
“Thank you Cream, and your biscuits are wonderful.” He told her.
“Hee he!”
“Shadow where did you learn to cook?” Nilla asked him. Shadow was silent a moment. Finally he replied
“Maria taught me when we lived on the ARK.”
“Oh…” Nilla said. There was a slight pause.
“Well she must have been a great cook!” Exclaimed Cream.
“She really was.” Smiled Shadow. When the had finished eating Shadow helped wash the dishes and clean up.

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