Part 2

Shadow stood there for the moment thinking then he wandered off into the woods. He knew exactly where he was going. After a few turns a cabin came into view. Shadow used this run down building as his home. He didn’t really have a place where he belonged. He could live at knothole but, he doesn’t like to be around the others. He went inside.
The cabin was almost bear of furniture. It had a small cot in one corner. On the opposite wall was a wood burning stove and a crate for food. Around the middle of the room was a little, wooden table. Shadow looked around than sat on the bed. He took off his gloves and skates and set them on the table.
Then he lay down and thought. He thought about many things. He thought about the upcoming lessons he was to give, he thought about his home, most of all he thought about Maria. “Maria…”
Years ago he was created on the space colony ark. He woke in some sort of vat. Looking around he saw a little girl.
“Hello…My name is Maria. What’s yours?”
“That’s a nice name. Will you be my friend?”
“….Of course.” She was the only friend he had. They grew up together, helping each other out along the way. These two were inseparable. People would see a blond girl and a black hedgehog running around and causing mischief.
As they got older the bond they shared grew stronger. Soon they realized they were in love. Shadow and Maria were very happy on the ARK. They lived with Maria’s grandfather Gerald Robotnik. He was a scientist and the one who had created Shadow.
Dr. Robotnik had not told them of his latest experiment. It was a giant dragon he created on the ARK. One day GUN’s forces invaded. Shadow and Maria fled to the escape pods.
“Run Maria!”
“I’m coming! Don’t stop Shadow, keep going!” Maria and Shadow ran to the pods.
Quickly Maria went to the control panel. Her fingers flew and soon she had a pod ready to launch.
“Shadow hurry!” They could hear GUN’s troops out in the hall. He got inside the pod looked around in confusion. There was no way to launch the pod from the inside. Suddenly he heard a loud clang. He turned and was horrified Maria had closed the pod hatch but was not inside.
“Maria what are you doing?!” She didn’t answer she walked over to the control panel.
“Shadow, please promise me,”
“that you’ll give the people down there a chance,”
“No, I won’t leave you!”
“a chance to-” he couldn’t hear her.
“Maria!” “I need to stay here.”
“Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog.” At that instant GUN’s forces broke through the door. Maria hit the launch button and the sound of a gun firing rang through the ARK.
“Maria!!!” Shadow watched as Maria slumped to the ground then the pod launched and he saw no more of his true love.
As he lay on his bed, Shadow remembered this moment. He began to cry. His love was gone. She had been gone for years. His mind wandered to all the mistakes he had made on earth before he knew the promise he had made. He almost destroyed earth. When he went back to the ARK for this purpose he found a picture of him and Maria. He and Maria were reading together.
Amy, a pink hedgehog who was always chasing after Sonic, had helped him remember his promise.
“Help them stop the ARK!” Amy begged.
“I’m getting my revenge. There’s no reason to help them.”
“Shadow please! They could be your friends.”
“I have no friends.”
“Shadow give them a chance!” Then he remembered what Maria had said.
“Shadow give them a chance… to be happy.” Amy had stared at him when he began to cry.
“Maria, now I know what you meant.” He turned to Amy, “I must keep my promise to Maria… and you.” Then he skated off and helped undo the damage he had done.

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