Part 1

“Yo Shadow!” Shadow, a black and red hedgehog turns to see sonic running after him.
“Oh great.” Shadow mumbles and keeps on skating. “Maybe if I make it to the woods I can lose him in the trees.” Shadow picks up speed as he hover skates to the tree line. Not fast enough. Sonic runs right in front of him. Shadow skates off in another direction. Suddenly there is Sonic. Once more he tries to make it to the trees but, to no avail. Sonic is just to fast at the moment.
“Ugh why don’t I have insta-speed?!” Shadow wondered as he stopped hovering. “What do you want?!” He said irritated.
“Teach me to use chaos control!” The blue hedgehog told him. Shadow just stared at him.
“Only I can use chaos control.ā€
“Tell that to the time I chaos controlled out of an exploding capsule that you and Egghead trapped me in.”
“Don’t mention that.” Shadow exclaimed “That was before we were… uh… allies.”
“Wait, you just said you’ve used it before. Why do I need to teach you how to do something you’ve already done?”
“Cause’ I can’t use it anymore.”
“Why.” Shadow asked.
ā€œI really have no idea. Maybe it worked that time because I used a fake emerald.”
Shadow thought about this,”That doesn’t add up. Have you asked Tails?”
Tails is a little orange fox and Sonic’s adopted brother. He is more of the technical mind in the group and has experience and knowledge way beyond his years.
“Uh…no.” Shadow looked at Sonic annoyed.
“I don’t have time.”
“Come on!”
“What?! No?!”
“Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?!”
“What on Mobius is wrong with you
“Nothing, I just want to use chaos control.”
Shadow glared at Sonic. He never really liked Sonic and didn’t want to teach him. Suddenly he remembered the promise he made to Maria. “Shadow, give them a chance, ” she had said, “a chance to be happy.” As he thought he looked at Sonic’s determined face.
“I must keep my promise to Maria.” He whispered. “Fine I’ll teach you.ā€
“Really?! Yes!”
“Meet me here tomorrow at noon and bring your chaos emerald.”
“K! I can’t wait!”
“Hold it!” Shadow called after him as he sped away. He sped back.
“Yeah?” “Don’t tell anyone about this. Got it?”
“Why no-”
“Just don’t.”
“OK. Shades, whatever you say.” In a cloud of dust Sonic was gone.

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