Part 89

The days passed. Tails and Cream still snuck out each night. Jet and Sally still went out together, not as much though. The ones in the hospital healed and were let out and Shadow carefully stopped dating Amy. She seemed to have been reminded of her love for Manic when she saw him and, for that, Shadow was grateful.

Finally, after what seemed like the longest week ever, it was Saturday. All went to Cream’s house. The first thing Tabby did when he got there was find Knux. This time all the Chaotix, Tikal and Chaos had come, so did the Master Emerald

“Hey, Knuckles!”

“Huh? Oh, hey Tabby what’s up?”

“I need to use your rock.” Tabby told him.

“It’s the Master Emerald!” growled Knuckles.


“Why do you need it?”

“I need it to open the portal back to Nimbo.”

“Oh! How come?”

“The gifts I have for some of the girls are back at my place. Plus I, uh…” Tabby hesitated, “I’m going home tonight.”

“Wait. What?”

“Well… yeah. Everyone is back and I’ve been away way longer than planned!”

“You don’t want to go home do you?”

“I do! I have to, but…”


“Yeah…” he said sadly.

“Hmmm.” Neither spoke. Tabby broke the silence.

“Hey, can you do me a favor when I’m gone?”


“If Silver tries to take Blaze, punch him for me!”

“Will do!” Knux laughed, “Sounds like fun!”

“Now let’s use your rock to open a portal!”


“Whatever!” They went outside to create the portal. Tails was sitting with Cream in the corner.

“Sonic found out.” He whispered to her.

“Oh no!”

“He was very mad.” Tails reported, “Said he saw us on a night run. He doesn’t want me to have my own home anymore. He wants me to live with him! He wants to keep an eye on me… I have a plan though… I’m going to disappear for a while.”