Part 88

A few hours later, while they were sitting in the park, Jet checked the time. It was eleven.

“Sally, I need to go. I gotta get to egg city. Hey, don’t look at me like that! I’ll see you later.”

“Ok.” she pouted a little, “Bye.” She kissed him on the cheek.

“Bye.” Jet hopped on his board and went. Sonic was already there.

“What took ya, slowpoke? This proves I’m faster!”

“No it doesn’t.” Jet contradicted, “I’m a little late because I was with Sall, then got stuck in traffic.”

“You were with Sall!?”

“Yeah. I was!”

“Why you-“

“We agreed not to fight for Sally’s sake, remember? Now, let’s talk this thing out.”

Later, in the evening, Jet was back at Shadow’s temporary home. He refused to say what he and Sonic decided on so eventually Tabby quit trying to get it out of him.

“So what did you guys do today?” Jet asked.

“We… uh… went to get Fiona and Scourge out of that cell and take them to jail.” Shadow said.

“And?” Jet encouraged when Shadow paused.

“They were gone.”


“They left a note though.” Tabby told him, “It said that they would retreat for now, but this isn’t over. They’re determined to have all seven emeralds and Sonic. Oh, and they said they don’t like me and Shadow.”

“Dang.” frowned the hawk, “You must have aggravated them quite a bit!”

“Yeah, kinda.”

“Oh! I nearly forgot!” Shadow said. “Vanilla said that the late Christmas party is Saturday.”

“Oh, cool!”

“We Rogues will be leaving that evening then.” announced Jet.

“Huh?! What about Sall?”

“We’ll see what happens then.”

“Gah! It’s killing me! What did you and Sonic plan?!”

“Not saying!”


“Tabby calm down! We’ll find out Saturday.” Shadow exclaimed.