Part 86

“Yeah. He has movies, TV. shows, video games. Most of them come from earth. I’m in one of the shows. There was a whole season about me. Plus, everything that happens in them actually happened to Sonic. It’s scary how accurate they are. It’s like someone followed us around with a camera the whole time…” Shadow shuddered slightly.

“Can we watch it?”

“What?” the hedgehog asked.

“The Sonic movie. I’m curious now.”

“Really?” Shadow frowned.

“Come on! Let’s watch it.”

“Do we have to?”

“It’s got Metal Sonic in it!”

“Fine! Pop it in.”

“Cool!” So, that evening, Tabby and Shadow sat on the couch, ate chips, sandwiches, and marshmallows, and watched Sonic OVA. Occasionally one of them would comment on the movie. “Wow, Sonic sure did have an attitude.” Tabby said, “He doesn’t care at all about old man Owl.”

“Did you just now figure that out?” Later. “Get him Metal! Kill that faker!”

“Uh, Sonic is still here so Metal obviously doesn’t kill him.”

“Shut up! No one asked you!” Even later.

“Metal! No!”

“What?! Pull him under with you!” Then their attention went back to the movie.

“There is only one Sonic.” The two were silent, then they looked at each other. Both burst out laughing.

“One Sonic?! I wish!” Shadow laughed.

“How many are there?! More than one I know that!”

“Well… let’s see…” Shadow began to count, “me, scourge, Zonic, we may as well count Silver, to an extent Mephilies, then the fifty other Metal Sonics!”

They finished the movie then Tabby went to bed. Shadow sat up and read while waiting for Jet. It was late when the bird got back. Shadow asked how it went,

“It was great” smiled Jet. “We had dinner then went to the movies. After that we took a walk. We had lots of fun. What did you guys do?”