Part 84

They heard the door. Tabby and Shadow glanced at each other then slowly went back in the living room.

“You done?” Tabby asked.

“How can Sally love him?”

“Well, like I said before, he was sweet to her.” Shadow said, “Also, he did manage that argument better than you did.”

“Which is actually kind of surprising. I thought he was too cocky and would have loved to fight it out with you.” Tabby admitted, thinking out loud.

“But remember what he said, ‘Sally hates it when we fight. Can we a least agree to not do that?’.” Shadow pointed out, “He was doing it for Sally, because she hates it when they argue.”

“Hey that’s a good point! He must be trying to change himself a little for Sally.”

“Wow. He must really care about-“


“…sorry…” Tabby apologized.

“I should go home.” Sonic sighed.

“Woah, Sonic! You’ll better let me go with you!” Tabby exclaimed, “You look like you’re about to collapse.”

They left and Shadow was alone. He sat down and picked up his book. He tried to read, but his mind was elsewhere.

“What will it be like when I have to face Manic?” He wondered, “It could be bad like Sonic and Sally and Jet or ok like Silver, Tabby, and Blaze… probably the first.”

He sat his book down. He couldn’t focus. He wanted to do something, but couldn’t figure out what it was. He walked around the house trying to figure it out.

“What was it?” He thought. He went in the bedroom. Something about the bed made him think it had something to do with whatever he was trying to remember. He wracked his brain then it hit him. He scribbled a note for Tabby,saying he would be back shortly, then left.

He skated off to the forest. He kept going until he reached his cabin. Slowly, Shadow went inside. He looked around the cabin and made his way over to the bed. Then he dropped to his knees and reached under the cot. He pulled out his wooden box.

Once he opened it, he pulled out his pictures from the ARK. This was it. He hadn’t looked at these in months.

“Maria… I had nearly forgotten how pretty she was…” as he looked at her picture he knew that he needed to leave Knothole. He would take off to the mountains. “But I should wait until I know everyone is all right and the late Christmas party is over.”

He pocketed the picture of him and Maria reading, put away his box, then went back outside. He walked over to a tree and sat down on the grass. “This is where I broke my leg.”

He closed his eyes and pictured it. Sonic running off. Amy finding him and bracing his leg. His mind wandered to the times after that. The kidnappings, Christmas, the picnic with Amy… What would Amy think when he left? He knew that she had to stay with Manic. He knew that she would be upset when she found him gone.