Part 82

Sonic gasped.

“Did you see the pic Shadow took?”

“Huh? No. I did get one from Blaze. I haven’t looked at it yet. Let’s see… oh. My. Gosh. Tails! Tails look at this!”

“What is it? Oh my word! This is too funny!”

“He looks like he’s only as tall as you!”

“I know! And he’s riding on Tabby’s shoulders! This is awesome!”

“I knew you two would like that!” Sonic grinned.

“I will have to show that to Cream!”

“Oh, how is the little tyke? I haven’t seen her in a while.”

“Neither have I.” Sally told them.

“She’s good.” Tails said, “Been worried about you guys.”

“Sweet kid. I can’t wait to see her again.” Smiled the blue hedgehog.

“I’ll tell her you’re all right this evening.”

“This evening? You going there tonight?”

“Yep. She invited me over to watch a movie.” explained Tails.

“Oh. What are your plans this evening Sall?”

“Ung!” Sally jolted, “Ummm… well… actually… I was, uh, going to see a movie also…”

“With Jet?” Sonic asked.

“… maybe…”

“I hate him.” the blue blur announced bitterly.

“Sonic Hedgehog!” cried Sall, “How could you hate the guy who helped save your life?!”

“He canceled that out by stealing my girlfriend!”

“He didn’t… he… I…” She stood and walked towards the other room. “Sonic… I’m sorry, I have to get ready for my date.” She left the room.

“Sall!” Sonic cried, but she ignored him, “Finnish up, Tails. I need to have a talk with Jet.”

Jet was at Shadow’s house with Tabby and the black Hedgehog. They were just sitting around, talking.

“So how did you get out of going to the hospital?” Shadow asked Tabby.

“Well, he didn’t hurt me much. It was almost funny.” Tabby said with his usual, ridiculous grin. “He did me different than the others. Usually, instead of hurting me with a knife or beating me up, he used the electric chains to shock me. Jokes on him, because my gem made me very shock resistant. Mostly I had this fuzzy, tingly sensation. A couple times it hurt, because he would turn up the voltage, but not much. When he did it I just screamed and acted exhausted. The worst I got was the gash on my head.”