Part 81

“Hey! Do you have your phone?”

“Do you really think,” inquired Sonic, “that I would take my phone there and if I did that Scourge would let me keep it?!”

“Anyway you need to see this!”

“What is it?”

“Tabby and Silver. It’s hilarious!”

“What? Why? … Hahahahahahahahahahahah! Oh my word! That is just too funny! Hahaha! Oh. Oh man. It makes my side hurt even more! Oh I’m gonna cry!”

“I know! It’s even better when you see it in person. Oh look, here’s you chance!” The others came through the bushes.

“Hey, we heard Sonic laughing. What were you…” Silver noticed that Shadow had his phone out and Sonic was laughing more now. “Oh, now I know what your laughing at. Tabby put me down again. I want to hurt Shadow so bad!”

“I won’t stop you.” Tabby growled.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Sonic cried still laughing his head off, “It probably shouldn’t be this funny. It’s just, I’ve been stuck down there and been miserable. Now I’m free and seeing pictures of Silver on Tabby’s shoulders! Things like that are going to seem hilarious to me.”

“You done laughing?”

“Yeah… Yeah I think so.”

“Good. Because your laughing made the rest of your cuts reopen. Lets get you to Knothole. Sally is probably worried.”

“Huh? Ah!”

“Come on. Blaze, you’ll have to carry the midget, I need Tabby’s help.”


“Yay!” Silver jumped into Blaze’s arms.

Tabby and Shadow helped Sonic to his feet, then supported him while they walked to Knothole. They met Sally and Tails first. Sally insisted on taking care of Sonic herself and Tails offered to help. So Sonic was taken to Sally’s house.

Sally and Tails worked together to get Sonic’s wounds cleaned and bandaged.

“Ow! That stuff stings!”

“It does now, but it will help.” Sally told him gently.

“We’re glad you’re ok Sonic! When you didn’t come to Knothole you made us worried!”

“Sorry, to scare you, lil bro! Hey, where are the others that Scourge had captured?”

“Hospital. Technically you should be there too, but…”

“Nah! The chilidogs there are terrible!”