Part 38

“Hey, Tabs, you wanna- woah! Bro, why do you have a gun and why are going to shoot me?” Manic had aimed the gun at Sonic, but, now, laughed and set it down.
“I’m not bro! Don’t worry.”
“Where did you get that and why?”
“Tabby gave it to him for Christmas.” Shadow explained.
“Because it’s the one we stole when we were fighting the Dusks.”
“Ah. OK… don’t hurt anyone.”
“Really bro?”
“Anyway, Tabby, I was gonna see if you wanted to go by the cave now.”
“Oh! Sure.”
“Cool! Grab on!” He grabbed Sonic and they were gone. Sonic and Tabby soon came to the cave. “It’s not large and Knuckles and I checked it out before.”
“Hmm.” Tabby ducked into the small cave.
“Tabs! I brought a flashlight.” He pulled it out of his hoodie pocket and handed it to the bobcat.
“Thanks.” Tabby flashed it around the cave. Like Sonic said, it wasn’t very deep. Then the light flashed over something in the corner. Tabby knelt down and pulled a piece of blue cloth out from between two rocks. “Sally was here.” He whispered, “Sonic!”
“I found part of Sally’s vest!”
“What?!” Sonic came in the cave and Tabby showed him the cloth.
“I wonder… if there’s something behind… this part… of the wall.” Tabby said as he dug away at the rock and dirt.
“Step aside!” Sonic said. Tabby did and Sonic went into a super spin. He drilled through the dirt and hit wood. “Ow!” He also hit his head.
“What’d you find?”
“I found a door! It was definitely used recently! That dirt wasn’t very hard to get through!”
“Is it locked?” Sonic tried it.
“Nope! Come on Tabs!” Tabby followed him inside. The small room was empty except for a cot in the corner and a small box of provisions.
“Sonic! Look at that!” On the wall near the cot were metal rings. Hanging from them were thick chains that ended in wrist cuffs.
“Someone was a prisoner here.” Sonic gasped. Tabby went over to the cot a began to examine it. Sonic looked through the box.
“Look at what I found under the bed!” He showed him a pocket diary. Sonic gasped.
“I gave that to Sall the day of the search! She had dropped her old one and lost it in the park!” Tabby opened it.