Part 37

He went out. He took a deep breath and tried to calm down. He leaned against the house so that he didn’t have to use his crutches.
“Shadow?” Tabby had come outside, “Uh, care if I join you?”
“Come on.” Tabby’s face was still a little red. The cat looked at his doll then glanced at Shadow’s.
“Who is that? You said Maria. Was she kidnapped too?” Shadow shook his head.
“She… you remember when you first told me about Nathan?” Tabby nodded. “And how something similar happened to me?”
“Oh…” Shadow went on to tell his story. He told Tabby how Maria had died and what had happened afterwards. “I’m still trying to keep the promise I made. That’s why I’ve stayed so close to here, but,” Shadow said, “as soon as I’m better I’m going to leave.”
“Wow… where will you go?” Shadow shrugged his shoulders.
“Anywhere, but here. I tried to keep my promise by teaching Sonic. Instead I broke my leg. I’m done here. I just need to wait a little longer.”
“What if the girls aren’t found by that time? Will you still leave?” Shadow thought then shook his head.
“No. I leave once I’m better and the girls are found.” Both were quiet a moment, “By the way, thanks for the hoodie. That is so awesome!”
“No prob!” Tabby smiled, then gasped suddenly.
“What’s wrong?”
“I left Manic’s gift in Nimbo!” Tabby faceplmed, “BRB!” He ran through the portal. Ten minutes later he was back with a long box. Tabby set the box down, then poked his head inside the house. “Yo, Manic! Come here!” Manic came outside and Tabby gave him the box, “Here dude. This whole time I knew I forgot something.”
“What is it?” Manic asked and opened it. He pulled out a ray gun. “No way! Is this the same one?”
“From the missions?” Tabby nodded. “No way!” Shadow was slightly confused.
“Same one from what missions?”
“It’s the same one we stole from the Geo Dorks forever ago!” cried Manic, “When I was trapped in Nimbo!”
“Yeah. I still have the other one at home.” Tabby told them, “I thought you’d like to have this one.”
“Thanks dude!”
“Fare warning, you take it in the house and Vanilla will kill you.” grinned Shadow.
“Shades is right, she probably would.”
“Then I’ll just leave it out here.” Sonic then came outside.